Beauty company redefining the customer journey with personalization

Juice Beauty building compelling experiences to drive loyalty and conversion


Founded in 2005


Incorporates the best certified-organic ingredients


Award-winning skincare and makeup


Juice Beauty believes in advanced beauty solutions that harness the best certified-organic ingredients for their customers. With a constant focus on their customers and the products that they create, they have grown as a brand known for quality.

The ecommerce team have worked to match the unrivalled products they provide with personalized online customer experiences by using Qubit

"Qubit has made it possible for us to deliver the best digital experiences. Personalization is how you drive engagement with visitors and you need the technology and expertise to ensure that you create seamless customer journeys no matter the device."

Jeffrey Grannis

Director of Digital

Welcome message to drive initial engagement

In order to welcome new visitors to the Juice Beauty brand, a message was surfaced to give more context on the brand’s values and some of the offers that were available to first-time visitors.

--- 4% uplift in RPV


Building context with visitor Skin Quiz

Context is key to understanding why a visitor might be on site. By using a skin quiz to understanding whether they were looking for a ‘cleanser’, ‘moisturiser’, or ‘treatment’, Juice Beauty could guide customers to find the most appropriate product for them.

--- 0.5% uplift in RPV

"The metrics of a successful personalization program shouldn't just be financial, like conversion rate. You need to think beyond that and understand the factors affecting customer lifetime value. If you can create individualized discovery experiences online, we believe the visitor will always come back."

Jeffrey Grannis

Director of Digital

Boosting conversions with basket abandonment

Reaching out to visitors with products in their baskets before they leave is an incredibly effective experience for Juice Beauty. As a potential customer displays exit behavior, a message is fired — ‘Love it? Don’t leave it!’ — which encourages a customer to go the checkout and complete their purchase.

--- 5.5% uplift in checkout pages reached
--- 2% uplift in conversion rate 


Driving loyalty with existing customers

With an understanding of previously purchased items, Juice Beauty can create messaging that is personalized to returning visitors. A ‘Running Low on This?’ message appears with a product purchased from a previous session.

--- 0.7% uplift in RPV


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