Product discovery key to unlocking lifetime value with mobile-first customers

Juice Beauty using AI-powered Qubit Aura to deliver 1:1 personalization at scale

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Founded in 2005

Incorporates the best certified-organic ingredients

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Creating seamless experiences on the mobile device is a critical initiative at Juice Beauty, not least because mobile is the first option for more and more visitors. The influence of the channel, and the increasing expectations of shoppers, meant Juice Beauty needed a solution to inspire and delight customers, and to support them in discovering more products.

The company wanted to use artificial intelligence to create individualized experiences for their mobile visitors, recognizing that it would be impossible to do it manually. As a consequence, they deployed Qubit Aura, the product discovery solution for mobile web, to offer visitors another navigation option beyond the hamburger menu and search.

“In an era where companies like Netflix, Spotify and Instagram are setting customer expectations, we need to think about taking the best parts of those experiences and applying them to ecommerce. Qubit Aura does just that, pulling in recommendations, social proof and context to ensure the visitor has a totally unique experience.”

Jeffrey Grannis

Director of Digital

Discovering more with Qubit Aura

In light of increasing mobile visitor numbers, the primary goal was to enhance the discovery experience on the small screen . Bringing together user behavior, machine learning and persuasive techniques, Qubit Aura enabled Juice Beauty’s visitors to discover more of the products they love.

The solution uses machine learning to curate and update the products that are shown to users in real-time. What this means is that within a couple of interactions a visitor will have a completely bespoke experience.


41% uplift in RPV (Qubit Aura openers vs. non-openers)

2.7% uplift in conversion rate

“Mobile is now a key channel for any ecommerce business. Over the past year, we've noticed a demonstrable increase in visitors using their phones to discover our products and we needed a solution. Through the use of the latest in artificial intelligence, Qubit Aura has redefined the way we look at the mobile experience."

Jeffrey Grannis

Director of Digital

Looking ahead

Mobile will continue to be a key area of innovation for the business. The more Juice Beauty can create experiences which increase engagement on the mobile, the more the company will be able to surprise and delight their onsite visitors.

Through personalization Juice Beauty can drive loyalty with customers, and immediately create experiences that resonate with new visitors. Juice Beauty is a brand synonymous with high quality products, they’re quickly becoming equally known for their unique customer experiences.

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