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How Ladbrokes are moving towards delivering one-to-one customer experiences

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Netflix and Spotify have disrupted entire industries by delivering one-to-one experiences through tailoring product recommendations and messaging to each individual customer. Ladbrokes wanted to apply this strategy, and mindset, to their egaming offering by using existing customer journey data to improve the experience online. In such a competitive market it’s essential for a company like Ladbrokes to differentiate to increase retention, build on new customer acquisition, and create loyalty with their brand.

Recommendations: surfacing the most relevant betting options

Recommendations is Ladbrokes’ first step toward achieving their one-to-one goal. To that end, a proprietary recommendations engine was developed based on user behaviors. Qubit ingest both this recommendations data and the relevant live odds into the Visitor Cloud, and the top recommended bets are displayed to individual customers.



"Qubit helped build our capability for recommendations, bringing together multiple datasets in the backend, and building the 'look and feel' in the front end. We’ve taken personalization down to a minute level, uploading about 20 tailored recommendations per customer."

Bhavik Patel

Head of Analytics & Optimization

Live-streaming: driving users onsite via push notifications

Mobile has changed the way consumers watch sports and how they place bets. Ladbrokes offers a streaming service for every sports’ market, where users can place bets before games start, as well as in-play.

To ensure their users never miss an event, and allow them to take advantage of the betting inplay functionality, Ladbrokes worked with Qubit to drive users onsite via push notifications. Using mobile instead of email was vital not only from a timeliness perspective, but also to ensure that the customer experience was contextually relevant and consistent to the device used by the consumer.

Personalizing the homepage based on betting history


Ladbrokes identified those users who consistently placed bets on one type of sport.


Once users placed their 5th bet they were asked if they wanted to customize their homepage to their favoured sport.


Users placed more bets, and bet faster, without cannibalizing their bets on other sports.

10% increase in betting activity post-personalization vs. customers who did not personalize

Watch Bhavik Patel, Head of Analytics & Optimization, discuss thinking big and starting small when it comes to customer experience.

Watch Bhavik Patel, Head of Analytics & Optimization, discuss thinking big and starting small when it comes to customer experience.

Using seasonality and behavior to optimize navigation


Seasonality is key with the sporting calendar. Ladbrokes wanted to understand which products were driving value within the top navigation bar.


Ladbrokes personalized the website based on granular analysis of the navigation bar, for example knowing that American Football became the 3rd most popular sport during NFL season meant they could push this at the right time


Creating a tailored homepage experience


Ladbrokes' own analysis of their site showed that the homepage side banners took up 20% of the real estate, but only 3 of 8 banners were performing well.


Combining the insights from this analysis with the Qubit platform meant that Ladbrokes were able to streamline the homepage and tailor the banners to each visitor.

25% increase in traffic to promotions

Looking ahead

There are multiple areas that Ladbrokes and Qubit will work together in the future:

  • Continue the quest to provide valuable one-to-one experiences to visitors and customers
  • Launch experiences that support business goals around acquisition, retention and engagement
  • Build on the success of push notifications, rolling out across other sports such as tennis and horse-racing
  • Capitalize on the ability to ingest CRM data into the Visitor Cloud through Qubit Live Tap
  • Innovate further on their recommendation engine, improving the algorithm and design to track and influence even more user behavior
  • Action churn prediction data, by creating a 'high-risk customer' segment, and targeting them with experiences to find out why they're not engaging

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