Global multi-channel retailer bringing personalized in-store experience online

L'OCCITANE en Provence proving power of data-driven customer experiences with Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura 

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Founded 1976

90+ countries

50+ ecommerce websites

3000+ stores


L’OCCITANE en Provence is a brand synonymous with the highest quality natural beauty products and cosmetics. A world-renowned manufacturer and retailer, the brand has fully embraced the opportunity that digital affords them, and has successfully brought the in-store experience online. They’ve done this with a focus on customer experience and by using granular data to power their personalization initiatives.

Using Qubit Pro across multiple domains, the global ecommerce team are able to collaborate and share best practices from location to location, from Japan to Brazil, London to Australia. With a single platform, they are able to take learnings from one market and apply them to another.

In addition, as more customers start using mobile as a way to engage, discover, and purchase the catalog of products, the company have deployed Qubit Aura, the product discovery solution for mobile web.


“With Qubit Pro, we're able to create and deploy experiences that are both simple and complex, giving us the tools to build experiences meant to improve our online customers' experience."

Loanne Le Gac

E-Business Product Coordinator

“With Qubit Pro, we're able to create and deploy experiences that are both simple and complex, giving us the tools to build experiences meant to improve our online customers' experience."

Loanne Le Gac

E-Business Product Coordinator

1:1 personalization on mobile for thousands of customers

Unlocking engagement, discovery and conversion on mobile is key for L’OCCITANE. More customers are using the device as one of the first places they start looking for products. Coupled with the growing influence of sites like Instagram (one L’OCCITANE account has over 740,000 followers), there was a need to make discovering products seamless from social media to mobile web.

The brand implemented Qubit Aura, the product discovery solution for mobile web. With AI, the solution matches the most relevant products based on a visitors intent (swipes, clicks and views). Each experience becomes unique and personalized to each visitor.

Result in the UK

-- 17% open rate

-- 159% uplift in conversion rate (Qubit Aura users vs. non-users) 

Helping late-night browsers get some rest


Through Qubit’s Opportunities feature, which identifies segments of users that are underserved, the ecommerce team could see visitors, across domains, visiting the website between the hours of 10pm - 5am.

Based on the hypothesis that these people are potentially having trouble sleeping, an overlay appears during these hours to showcase L’OCCITANE pillow mist spray, developed to promote a restful sleep.

Result in Brazil

The 3rd most popular product post-launch

“Our customers now expect the personalized service they receive in-store, online. Our team, the ecommerce team, needs to ensure that that's the case, and on a worldwide scale. Qubit Pro allows us to deliver a personalization program on multiple domains to ensure a consistent level of quality and service across channels."

Loanne Le Gac

E-Business Product Coordinator

Social proof to complete the customer journey


Social proof is a personalization technique proven to boost conversion in ecommerce. L’OCCITANE knew this, and deployed messaging on the product detail page (PDP), for example ‘4 people are viewing this product’.

Result in the UK

-- 2.86% uplift in RPV

-- 3.55% uplift in RPC

Saving the customer before site abandonment


Many customers will add items to their carts during their session and time on the L’OCCITANE website. As the visitor displays behavior indicating they are thinking of leaving the site, a popup appears highlighting the last 2 products they added to basket.

Result in the USA

-- 2.65% uplift in RPV

“One of the greatest things about my job is the ability to collaborate with multiple teams across the globe. Qubit Pro is helping us achieve our collective mission and deliver a scalable personalization program."

Loanne Le Gac

E-Business Product Coordinator

Looking ahead

As the lines between in-store and online become more blurred, the ecommerce team at L’OCCITANE will continue to build web experiences that match the personalized interactions customers receive when they browse and buy in-store.

The brand is seeing growth in the online channel as customers become more comfortable with making purchases online. L’OCCITANE will continue to use both behavioral and intent data to scale their personalization efforts, ensuring that each and every visitor online, no matter the channel, has an experience that engenders loyalty for life.

Personalizations that work in one market can be rolled out into others, with local nuances, meaning that L’OCCITANE can scale their efforts across the world.

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