Mamas & Papas driving 22% in online revenue through Qubit experiences.

Nursery brand using a focused approach to customer journey’s to increase conversions and lifetime value.


Founded in 1981


Qubit customer since 2015


30 UK stores


Mamas & Papas, the UK based nursery and baby brand, pride themselves on understanding parenting better than any other. With that in mind, the Mamas & Papas digital team wanted a deep understanding of every visitor on the website in order to curate experiences around an individual.

Depending on the time in a parent’s, or gifter’s, lifecycle the products they might be looking for can change hugely, therefore, the digital team needs to provide personalized experiences that ensure relevancy with every interaction no matter the lifecycle stage they are in. A Qubit customer since 2015, Mamas & Papas have recently launched new personalization experiences, including a 1:1 low stock reminder for returning visitors and social proof.

Social proof on the PDP.

Mamas & Papas launched real-time social proof messaging on the product detail page (PDP) to give more context around the popularity of products customers are interested in.

By launching badging that counted both “views” and “adds to bag” over a certain time period, Mamas & Papas is able to offer the reassurance of wider interest in specific products and reaffirm a visitor’s decision to purchase.

3.8% uplift in RPV

3.1% uplift in CR

"With such a wider offering of product for customers at all stages of parenthood, we want to build trust and ensure that each visitor felt confident in their purchases when shopping with us. Using Qubit's personalization capabilities, we've been able to achieve this and demonstrably impact the bottom line."

Jo Molineux

Digital Director

Low stock pointers.

Low stock pointers are used to ensure customers don’t bounce from a product page without first securing an item in their basket. By programmatically displaying the stock levels of items, customers won’t miss out.

2.5% uplift in RPV

"Qubit allowed us to deliver our first, scalable, digital experience with the low stock intent notification. The ability to deliver this 1:1 personalization at scale with Qubit meant our customers have an unrivaled customer experience online."

Jo Molineux

Digital Director

1:1 low stock notification for returning visitors.

Mamas & Papas wanted to avoid customers missing out on products they had previously demonstrated intent for and were close to being out of stock on a returning visit if the customer hadn’t converted on that particular item in a previous session.

For any returning visitor who had viewed a product in the last 60 days, Qubit deployed a pop-up on the homepage that highlighted any previously viewed products that were now low in stock.

3.7% uplift in CR


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