MandM Direct drives +2.4% in revenue and a +114% in product recommendation CTRs.

Pioneering deep learning recommendation techniques to establish customer to product relationships over conventional product to product recommendations.


Founded in 1987


3mil active customers


20+ countries


150+ brands stocked


MandM Direct is Europe’s leading online off-price retailer, with millions of customers each year. The brand sells sports and outdoor products at unbeatable prices all year around and has been a Qubit customer since 2013.

Nearly every product recommendation algorithm available today is machine learning powered. The new and improved kid on the block is deep learning. It’s faster, smarter and most importantly truly personalized.

By utilizing Qubit’s latest deep learning recommendations powered by Google Cloud AI MandM Direct has been able to increase customer engagement and revenue.

"At MandM Direct we are always striving for the best. We haven't seen any other product recommendations solution perform as well as this."

Paul Allen

Head of Ecommerce

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