Manor AG deploy Qubit's proven personalization tactics to build confidence and purchase impetus.

Qubit’s fast implementation allows businesses to enhance the customer journey.


9,750 employees


60 department stores


1mil+ products


Headquartered in Switzerland, Manor AG is one of the largest and most successful department stores in Europe. Increasingly, the Manor customer has been using both desktop and mobile to browse and purchase products. As a result, the ecommerce team wanted to implement proven personalization techniques to increase customer lifetime value and loyalty across both channels.

With Qubit, the company has enhanced its customer experience program and has begun the journey to advanced personalization.

Social Proof on the PDP

Social proof is the solution for building confidence, driving urgency and creating purchase impetus.
The industry average sees social proof drive 2.3% uplift in revenue per visitor, however, Manor customers have been particularly receptive to the experience on the product detail page.

--- 4.26% uplift in RPV

"Since the business was founded, Manor has always focused on our customers and how we can curate experiences around them. Customer loyalty and lifetime value are essential, so personalization has become an important component in our business strategy."

Enrique Indacochea Hoyle

Head of Digital Marketing

Low stock pointer to create urgency

To make sure a customer doesn’t miss out on purchasing a product before it goes out of stock, Manor deployed a low stock pointer. Low stock pointers create urgency in the customer journey and can often be the required tactic to get them over the line to conversion.

--- 9.34% uplift in RPV

"Our customers want a relevant experience with our brand every time they visit our site. With Qubit we’ve been able to prove the value that personalization can bring to the business and to visitors, and we already want to move to the next stage."

Samuel Duthoit

Web Design & UI Lead

Qubit increasing engagement on mobile web

Qubit curates the shopping experience for each and every visitor. The solution instantly changes based on visitor actions, behavior and intent. This is done in real-time and leverages Qubit’s proprietary machine learning algorithms.

For Manor, Qubit enables visitors to see the most relevant products to them in a social-style, scrollable feed.

--- 5.4x more products seen

"Mobile is such an important channel for Manor. It’s where our customers are spending more and more of their time and we need to cater to that behavior. With Qubit, we can deliver a 1:1 personalized experience which can scale to millions because of machine learning and AI built within the solution."

Enrique Indacochea Hoyle

Head of Digital Marketing

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