Micro Scooters deploy personalized experiences to drive lifetime value.

Retailer focused on data-driven segmentation to provide personal experiences for each and every customer.


Founded in 2004


2mil+ scooters sold


Over 250 awards won


Micro Scooters is an internationally recognized retailer, famous for revolutionizing the school run for millions of parents by providing the most durable Swiss designed and engineered scooters for all the family. Founded by Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty, the company are using personalization from Qubit, to build meaningful experiences that drive customer lifetime value and loyalty.

Through the insights they get from onsite visitor behavior, the ecommerce team curate personalizations that resonate with different customer segments and profiles. The company have used Qubit since 2016, and have launched experiences including Visitor Pulse, Abandonment Recovery, custom and visual mode experiences.

With mobile traffic now surpassing desktop traffic, the team has also begun using Qubit, to aid product discovery for the mobile web. As a mobile first experience, it will mean that the majority of onsite visitors will be able to discover more of the products they love ensuring they find the right scooter to last them a lifetime.

Delivery countdown driving urgency

Micro Scooters wanted to drive urgency with onsite visitors, encouraging them to complete their purchases by highlighting how soon next day delivery would end.

--- +3% uplift in RPV for new visitors 
--- 1.6% uplift in RPV for returning visitors

"Qubit has exponentially increased the level of engagement on mobile and has allowed our customers to discover much more of our product catalog. Qubit is the solution to deliver scalable and individualized experiences to a customer that’s demanding it."

Mhairi Wood

Head of Ecommerce

Qubit driving mobile discovery

As more and more of Micro Scooters’ visitors use their mobile phones as the key channel for engagement and discovery, the ecommerce team have invested in Qubit to bring the mobile experience to life.

With customer expectations being driven by the likes of Netflix and Spotify, the company saw Qubit as a way to emulate these experiences for ecommerce.

--- 16.5x more products seen

"We are seeing an enormous shift in the way our customers are engaging and shopping for new products. Qubit has enabled us to curate experiences across the customer lifecycle, gaining the trust of new visitors and building loyalty with returning customers."

Mhairi Wood

Head of Ecommerce

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