Qubit Aura increasing product discovery and revenue for mobile web

Mothercare utilizing latest AI-powered technology to put their customer at the center of innovation


Founded in 1961


Operating in over 55 countries


$1.6m pcm Attributed Revenue


With a range of products that numbers in the thousands, personalization is key to Mothercare, the leading retailer for parents and young children, to ensure that they can deliver an unrivalled customer experience.

Mothercare’s customers are increasingly engaging and purchasing products on mobile, but with the small screen size, the experience can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

Therefore, the Mothercare team decided to become one of the inaugural retailers to use Qubit Aura, the new AI-powered product discovery solution for mobile web.


Mothercare needed to create an experience on mobile web that enabled visitors to discover more of the products that are relevant to them. The team recognized that mobile was increasingly where their customers engaged, but conversion rates were down compared with desktop.

The company needed a solution that could increase the number of products discovered in an easy to navigate and personalized way, the theory being that increasing the number of product discovered would increase revenue.

"Qubit Aura represented an opportunity for Mothercare to create true 1:1 personalized experiences for our visitors. Underpinned by the Qubit platform, the solution means we can further understand and influence visitors throughout the customer journey."

Jo Homer

Head of User Experience


Mothercare was one of the first brands to use Qubit Aura, understanding the power that the solution could bring to their multichannel personalization strategy. Through the use of machine learning, Qubit Aura curates and updates the categories and products that are shown to customers based on their previous behavior even within a single session, so that any visitor who taps on the Qubit Aura icon can discover more of the products they love.

The solution also surfaces proven personalization techniques, like social proof and production recommendations, making the experience even more compelling.

"With a vast product catalog, and a small-screen size, it's integral that we can surface products that our customers want, based on just a few interactions - Qubit Aura can do that."

Jo Homer

Head of User Experience

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