European glasses brand focus on personalization for future growth

MyOptique Group understanding and influencing visitors across multiple brands

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4 online brands

7mil+ glasses shipped

1mil+ customers


MyOptique Group operates four online retail brands—Glasses Direct, SunglassesShop, Boots Designer Sunglasses and Eyewearbrands— serving millions of customers worldwide. Working with the Qubit platform since 2013, the company have been on a journey from A/B testing, through conversion optimization, and now onto personalization.

Qubit Pro lets the team build experiences without constantly relying on their IT team, it also allows them to have a deep understanding of their visitors to segment and personalize across the customer journey. The company is supported by Qubit Solution partner, Endless Gain.

"Qubit Pro enables us to easily create complex segmented personalization experiences across our different websites. We often need to move quickly so we need a technology that helps us do that, and at scale!"

Jonathan Zetlaoui

Head of Customer Experience & Analytics

Increasing experience velocity with Simple Messages

Working with Endless Gain, MyOptique Group tested a new homepage merchandising experience, which proved a big winner. However, rolling it out in the code base could take between 2-3 months due to other competing priorities. The team leveraged Qubit’s Simple Messages to turn the initial test into an always-on experience that marketers could use to update the site merchandising without any developer support.

As an added bonus, marketers can now customize the site merchandising to the segment they were targeting, risk-free and quickly.



2.8% RPV uplift from a 2-3 month test roll out in the code base, to a templated experience reducing this time to less than a week while offering additional personalization features

"We constantly think about ways to engage our visitors on each of the websites we operate. Personalization is where we can differentiate from our competition and ensure that our customers keep coming back. With Qubit, we can move quickly and build both complex and simple experiences."

Jonathan Zetlaoui

Head of Customer Experience & Analytics

Looking ahead

In the future, MyOptique Group want to increase the number of segmented experiences they can deliver. With their in-house developer, the company will be able to build more complex personalizations, and in parallel the marketing team will be able to create experiences which don’t require further developer resource.

The company also want to industrialize the data they have on their onsite visitors and think of further ways to personalize based on visitors’ previous behavior. The Qubit platform is bringing both the marketing and developer functions closer together. As a consequence this increases the number of experiences deployed, ultimately increasing customer loyalty and revenue.

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