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Travel brand on the journey to personalization at scale

Ocean Holidays turn browsers into buyers with data-driven decision making

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Founded in 2004

4 brands

250,000+ customers


Ocean Holidays is known for their exceptional customer service and have big ambitions to create a fully integrated, multi-channel experience for each of their customers and across the 4 brands; Ocean Florida, Ocean Beds, Winged Boots and Ocean California. Through an investment in best-in-class technology, Qubit Pro, they ensure that their customers are seeing the most relevant content every time they visit.

A self-service user of Qubit Pro since 2016, Ocean Holidays have built 100s of experiences to drive customers to book holidays via their call center. They are a business which demonstrates the value of personalization in travel—turning first-time visitors into customers, and existing ones into loyal advocates.

“Qubit has enabled us to transform our online customer journey and differentiate our offering. The access to data gives us insight into our customer behavior, allowing us to predict intent and target customer appropriately - there is no solution better suited to help us on our journey.”

Daniel Ox


Capturing customer before they leave


Personalization can be very effective to capture the attention of visitors displaying behavior that shows they are about to leave the site. Ocean Holidays deployed messaging on both desktop and mobile encouraging potential customers to enquire about getting a Travel Itinerary.


2.53% uplift in conversion rate

“We're always thinking of ways to build personalizations that resonate with our visitors. With Qubit we can see the results fast and therefore continually improve the ways our customers navigate. Understanding how our visitors engage online is key to drive loyalty.”

Gops Kumar

Senior UI/UX Designer

Making PPC investment work harder with campaign mirroring


The team at Ocean Holidays make sure that when a visitor lands on site via PPC, the content they see is relevant. For example, if a visitor arrives on site from keyword ‘Family holiday Disneyland Florida’, appropriate messaging is surfaced throughout the journey.

In addition, with increased data layer capabilities, the company can match behavior displayed by PPC visitors, with visitors showing similar intent. As a result, they can deploy the same experience based on that intent.

Conversion rate of 8-16%

“It's so important for us to match the intent that our customers are displaying with content they see. Understanding where a visitor has come from and how they found us, means we can tailor the customer journey with appropriate messaging. Qubit Pro enables us to do this!”

Michael Ryan

SEO Manager

Highlighting call hours


Ocean Holidays take all their bookings over the phone and prides itself on the experienced support team to help customers choose. To ensure that visitors call when the team are available, Opening Hours are highlighted across the website to keep the visitor fully informed.

Conversion rate of 7.2%

Looking ahead

Ocean Holidays is delivering personalization to a customer base with very high standards. Having successfully deployed 100s of experiences with Qubit Pro, the company can now build upon these and continue to delight their customers.

Using Qubit Live Tap they will be able to unlock further insights and build a single customer view which combines data from across their CRM system and website. Coupled with a focus on advanced segmentation, the company will be able to create seamless customer experiences for visitors based on traveler type, engagement level or type of holiday they are looking to book.

In a competitive environment, differentiating through personalization is seen as key for growth, with Qubit they are able to achieve their customer experience ambitions.

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