River Island uses social proof and urgency messaging to build customer confidence

Retailer collaborating across multiple teams to deliver the most relevant journeys for their omnichannel visitors.


Founded in 1948


350+ global stores


6 online stores in 4 currencies


130+ segments created


River Island is one of the most well-known and loved brands on the UK high street. The company has been transforming the customer experience with a laser-focus on personalization.

Key to the acceleration of their strategy has been the inclusion of multiple teams; with more than 30 employees contributing to the personalization program, the customer is no longer siloed into a specific department.

River Island has been using the full suite of Qubit products to deliver personalized customer experiences across every digital touchpoint and at every stage of the customer journey.

Getting started with social proof on the PDP

For the product listing page, River Island deployed urgency messaging. Highlighting how many of a particular product had been bought in the last 48hrs, with a message ‘Quick! They’re selling out! XX bought in the last 2 days’.

Due to its success, the team is looking at how segmentation can increase the effectiveness of the experience.

--- +6.2% uplift in RPV

"Personalization is all about curating experiences around the individual. As a retailer, it's not just about shipping products, it's about building relevant relationships with each person no matter the channel. Qubit is a key technology for us to understand, segment and personalize the visitor journey to millions of customers."

Tim MacIvor

Head of Customer Experience

Trending badging on the PLP


On partnering with Qubit, River Island wanted to launch social proof experiences, recognizing their effectiveness in the fast- fashion industry. As a result, the team launched trending badging on the product detail page.

--- 1.5% uplift in RPV


Social proof abandonment layer

Across both desktop and mobile, River Island wanted to inform visitors who are abandoning that the items they have in their basket are selling fast, highlighting the risk of missing out.

--- 5.6% uplift in RPV 
--- 7.3% uplift in conversion rate 
--- 9.8% click-through rate

"The entire River Island team understand the power of personalization and how that can impact revenue growth. Qubit's role in that is essential, it's the platform we use to ensure relevancy at every customer touchpoint. Be it the marketing, digital, IT, app, CRM or merchandising team, everyone is part of delivering personalized experiences. "

Louise Griffiths

Digital Optimization Manager

Location-based popular carousel


The team wanted to move to the next level of personalization by deploying social proof based on a visitor’s location.

Visitors were shown the most popular items in their local area. This created a sense of social validation, driving clickthrough and increasing conversions.

--- 1.1% uplift in RPV 

"As a fast-fashion retailer, we're navigating the changing expectations of our customers with a focus on the experiences they have. That's where the differentiation comes in. Everything we do revolves around the customer and with personalization the sky is the limit with the business challenges we can solve."

Tim MacIvor

Head of Customer Experience

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