Specsavers focus on digital commerce to deliver against strategic goals

Optical retail brand use personalization and data to impact bottom line and customer loyalty


Founded in 1984


1.4mil online visitors each week


Qubit customer since 2017


Specsavers is a multinational optical retail company with millions of visitors each year. Increasingly, customers have been going online to browse the product range and understand more about the services provided. This has meant a focused approach to the user journey and experience on the website. 

From scalable placements and product badging to advanced product recommendations and surveying, the Specsavers ecommerce team has been leveraging Qubit to ensure that each and every customer has an individualized experience with the brand. 

Homepage placements for the business user.

In a fast-paced environment, non-technical teams often need to update and push new messaging to customers in an instant. 

To do this, and not break the code of the site, Qubit gives the business user the ability to quickly update key content at will across the site once a developer has built the placement.

2.34% uplift in RPV

3.23% uplift in CR

"Today's consumer expects relevancy as soon as they land on site, and with a plethora of different products and services on offer we require technology to gurantee the best experience. Qubit enables us to that to our millions of monthly online customers."

Luke Norman

Head of eCommerce & Digital Performance

Social proof product badging for PDP.

Leveraging the wisdom of the crowds to encourage conversion is a key experience the ecommerce team has delivered this year. 

In this example, the experience leverages two parameters; the number of purchases (20) and time (24 hours), related to the product.

2.33% uplift in RPV

2.09% uplift in CR

"The ability for our team to quickly act and deploy relevant and timely experiences has demonstrably improved our conversion rates and customer loyalty. We're armed with a tool that means we can deliver againsts a transient strategy with quick turnaround times."

Steph Le Prevost

CRO and UX Manager

Recommendations on the PDP

Product recommendations deployed correctly give the ability for customers to discover more of the product catalog. 

By showcasing similar products to the item a user is looking at you can encourage increased clicks and ensure the user understands the full breadth and depth of the products on offer.


Helping customers navigate with pop-ups

By providing customers with a choice on the homepage, Specsavers can seamlessly help them to find the products or services they are looking for easily. 

Through the use of this pop-up on the homepage, asking browsers whether they are looking for ‘Glasses’ or ‘Contact Lenses’.

2.05% uplift in RPV

"Qubit is a technology that should be in every ecommerce and merchandising team's toolkit. It provides us with an unrivalled way to engage with our customers at every digital touchpoint in a timely and personalized way."

Luke Norman

Head of eCommerce & Digital Performance

Thin and light lens notifications

In order to upsell the purchaser at the point of conversion, the Specsavers team has highlighted an additional feature for the type of lens a customer can buy. 

By recommending and telling the customer why the upgrade would be advantageous to them the upsell can be achieved. 

9% uplift in CR


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