Specsavers view personalization as pivotal customer experience strategy

Global retail chain curate experiences online to drive loyalty and lifetime value


36 million customers


32,500 employees


2000+ stores worldwide


1.3mil online visitors per week


Founded in 1984, Specsavers is a company synonymous with unrivalled customer experiences. With 2,000+ physical stores across the globe, the company has grown because of a focus on understanding the customer and delivering products, services, and experiences that create lifetime loyalty.

A Qubit customer since 2017, the customer engagement team create online experiences that mirror the ones that a visitor might receive instore—relevant and personalized. With capabilities like Visitor Pulse, abandonment recovery and experiences the team is able to create user journeys that resonate with specific segments of visitors.

"Creating relevant and segmented experiences is imperative for Specsavers online. Generic experiences are no longer resonating and our visitors expect personalization no matter what stage of the customer journey they are in. We ensure consistent engagement by using Qubit."

Darin Butler

Head of Digital Customer Engagement

Visitor Pulse informing insight and segmentation

Specsavers wanted explicit insight into why visitors weren’t booking certain appointments on site. In order to do this, they deployed 3 Visitor Pulse Lite surveys for optics and audiology customers to understand why they weren’t booking.

For optics the question was, ‘We noticed you did not book an eye test with us today, why was that?’, with 4 options a visitor could choose from.

--- 12 explicit segments created
--- Insights informed board level decisions


Highlighting reviews for PDP social proof

By showcasing reviews of products on the product detail pages, Specsavers built confidence and consequently increased their KPI’s - adding products to favorites, virtual try on’s and booked appointments.

--- 6.33% uplift in adds to favorites
--- 0.46% uplift in virtual try ons

"In order to personalize the Specsavers website, we need an easy-to-use platform that allows us to deploy experiences throughout the customer journey in real time. With Qubit Pro, we have that and we can drive visitors to book, browse glasses and engage with content with relevant and targeted messaging."

Steph Le Prevost

Content Marketing Executive

Let's help you look' abandonment layer

In order to prevent visitors abandoning without having booked an appointment, Specsavers deployed a sidebar abandonment layer encouraging visitors to book an appointment, or offering a search bar to help the user look and remain on site.

The experience reduced bounce rates, increased engagement and allowed the team to monitor what users were searching. This informed where there were content gaps were and indicated how they could improve the user journey.

--- 3% uplift in engagement 
--- Reduction in bounce rates


Geo-targeted store drivers for new visitors

When a new visitor to Specsavers lands on site, an experience is deployed with the location of their nearest store and message for them to ‘Book appointment’.

--- 1.28% uplift in appointments booked

"We have millions of customers across the world who have come to expect unrivalled customer service and experiences. Therefore, we need technology partners that allow our team to implement and scale our personalization program effectively - Qubit Pro is the perfect partner for that."

Darin Butler

Head of Digital Customer Engagement

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