Studio build ecommerce strategy around the customer with a focus on relevant experiences.

Multi-category retailer scales personalization program with a data-driven approach to the user journey


32x ROI on Qubit investment


2mil customers per year


40,000 items online


Qubit customer since 2016


Studio, is one of the largest online value retailers in the UK with over 2 million customers per year. Once a catalog mail-order business, the brand now does 90% of its sales online and leverages Qubit technology to make each and every online visitor have a unique and relevant experience every time they visit.

The ecommerce team is able to boost revenue per visitor and conversion rates through a focus on experiences driven by the behavior of onsite visitors. Whether they are new to the brand or long-term VIPs, Studio is able to tailor the user journey with the most relevant and timely personalization strategies including social proof, product recommendations and abandonment recovery.

Through a combination of industry best practices and advanced use cases, the team has the perfect blend of merchandiser-enabled and developer-enabled use cases.

Recommendations for Google Shopping customers.

Working with the team at Endless Gain, Studio realised that Google Shopping was a key acquisition channel, but was suffering from high bounce rates as consumers could be easily distracted.

By showing users who’ve landed from Google Shopping potentially more relevant or alternative products in a dropdown carousel the likelihood of that visitor going onto convert would be higher. The carousel featured 5 products; 3 of which were similar and 2 of which were from the same brand.

9.3% uplift in CR

14% decrease in bounce rate

"The combination of Qubit's tech and Endless Gain's expertise has allowed us to generate and deploy a number of successful strategies across the site. We are constantly analyzing user behavior through Biometrics and AI to understand how we can better serve each customer. Qubit and Endless Gain enable us to implement iterations in strategy quickly and effectively."

Danny Short

CRO Executive

Product recommendations on the basket page.

As a customer is considering their basket and looking to convert, product recommendations were deployed to make sure the customer didn’t feel like they were missing anything from their basket.

Based on user behavior the ‘We thought you might also like…’ carousel shows the shopper products that are similar to the ones they have in basket.

2.77% uplift in RPV

"Qubit enables our team to deploy a wide array of experiences without the requirement to use developer resources everytime. Once set up, we can enable our business users to create experiences with a simple workflow that doesn't break any code!"

Danny Short

CRO Executive

Integrations with SFMC for abandonment recovery.

Through Qubit’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Studio is able to fire abandonment recovery emails to customers who have previously shown intent for certain products.

The integration curates an email with products that have been left in the basket, encouraging customers to complete the purchase. The email is sent approximately 30mins after abandonment.

4mil customers converted after abandoning

"Qubit's versatility allows us to bring any idea or strategy our ecommerce team has into reality. Whether it's quick to implement product recommendations or leveraging vast datasets, Qubit has become an extension of our team."

Antony Eden

Head of Ecommerce

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