Industry-leading travel brand demonstrate necessity of personalization

Thomas Cook Holidays leveraging Qubit Pro to surprise and delight visitors

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22,000+ employees

20mil+ customers

Sales of 9bn+


The customer is at the heart of everything Thomas Cook does and this philosophy has become a key differentiator for the business. With a mission to increase customer loyalty, attract new customers and become the most loved holiday company they in the world, they need a sophisticated technology to underpin the online experiences customers have with the brand. As a result, Thomas Cook partnered with Qubit.

Thomas Cook have built a centre of excellence team responsible for multiple domains using Qubit Pro since the partnership began in 2014. Additionally, trading and merchandising teams in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands leverage the platform to build templates to enable simpler merchandising and personalization activities for customers looking to book a holiday.  

“Personalization is no longer a nice to have, it's now a necessity. We've been able to consistently deliver differentiated experiences to customer segments, and that's had a significant impact on the bottom line for the business.”

Gui Aboim

Head of Ecommerce Optimisation

Sticky product recommendations increasing conversion


The team hypothesized that encouraging visitors to browse more of the site would increase conversion.

Using the Qubit product recommendations algorithm, a ‘sticky’ banner of recommended options was created for the footer of the screen.

6.0% increase in CR

“Things can change fast at Thomas Cook and we need to use technology that lets us show onsite visitors the most up-to-date offers live, without a developer having to build something new each time. With simple messages we can quickly push live relevant personalizations ourselves.”

Louise Griffiths

Senior Conversion Analyst

Simple messages to scale personalization


Thomas Cook have a wide range of packages and need a quick way to promote the most relevant offers. They use Qubit’s simple messages to scale their efforts with multiple messages to different segments and geographies.

In total, 10 templates have been created so that members of the trading and merchandising team can easily deploy relevant messaging without needing a developer.

30-40 simple messages pushed live each week

“Having worked with Qubit for a number of years it's clear that it's the #1 personalization platform on the market. We've been able to consistently build meaningful user journeys that are clearly resonating with our loyal custom base, as well as converting new visitors to our brand"

Gui Aboim

Head of Ecommerce Optimisation

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With many visitors to the site browsing for holidays, the team in Belgium wanted to convert those browsers into bookers.

Based on previous search data, a prominent merchandising block was personalized on the homepage - showing the lowest-cost 7-day holiday that best fit a visitors’ interest.

147% increase in clicks
2.2% increase in CR

Looking ahead

In the future, the ability to understand and influence each and every visitor, create experiences that surprise and delight, and ensure they increase customer loyalty and attract new customers is essential. By leveraging Qubit Pro, Thomas Cook will be able to do just that.

Thomas Cook are one of the leaders in the travel and tourism industry, with a market share set to expand in the coming years. A close alignment with the Qubit product teams mean both are pushing the boundaries of using data to create world- leading experiences.

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