Topman pioneering customer experience in retail

Simplicity is key to delivering effective personalization strategies


Founded in 1978


400+ Stores globally


31+ Countries


Topman, a British men’s retailer operated by the Arcadia Group, has been pursuing a personalization strategy for many years.

Leveraging the Qubit platform, the company have been able to build, deploy and create personalized customer journeys that increase loyalty and welcome new visitors to the website. Simplicity is a priority for Topman.

By bringing data from many different parts of the business together in the Qubit platform, the ecommerce team have been able to deliver a personalization program at scale that drives revenues.

Homepage placements for the business user.

"The biggest barrier to thinking about personalization is a legacy mindset. However, the work we’ve been doing with Qubit makes it real for both our customers and our board. The key has been to keep things simple and build a business case for each and every experience we want to deploy. Qubit has, and will remain, a core component of our entire digital strategy as the business grows and scales."

Gareth Rees-John
Digital Director


Personalizing pricing for students


One of Topman’s most important demographics are students, who get a 10% discount. The ecommerce team wanted to make this offer more obvious to students shopping online.


The team made the student offer clear with a ‘Student Prices’ toggle in the website header block. When selected, the student price would immediately appear underneath the product without the page reloading.

The experience appears on both the product listing page and the product detail page.


The experience contributes to driving sales with students which at peak hit 50% of sales in the UK.


Geo-based social proof


By analyzing their data, Topman recognized that certain products were performing better in certain geographies. To capitalize on this, the company wanted to surface the most relevant products based on a visitor’s location. 


By using IP address data, Topman could identify visitors’ locations. Based on this, the product listing page then prioritizes products from categories popular with people from that location.

For example, in the US, Topman targeted their top 5 cities - New York, LA, Atlanta, Houston and Chicago. A carousel was created showing the top added to bag products in the last 24hrs.

5-1 (1)

Social proof on product listing and product detail pages


Social proof has proven to be one of the most persuasive personalization techniques. Topman wanted to surface social proof messaging across the website to drive sales and increase conversion.


On the product listing page they showed the message ‘Hurry, Selling Fast!’ and another message on the product detail page, encouraging visitors not to ‘miss out’ on the selected product.


3.27% RPV uplift


"With Qubit we’ve been able to bring multiple datasets together and understand the current trends of our customer base. Armed with that knowledge we’ve been able to deliver persuasive personalization at scale to drive sales across the business. So much so that personalization, and the technology used to deliver these initiatives, is spoken about at a board level such is the importance of being customer centric to both Topman and the rest of the Arcadia Group."

Gareth Rees-John
Digital Director


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