Un Jour Ailleurs uses Qubit Start to establish a personalization program

French fashion brand modernize customer experience with a laser focus on the user journey.


Founded in 1985


10+ countries


160 global stores


Un Jour Ailleurs, the French founded women’s fashion company, is the trusted companion for women with collections designed to make them look and feel good. The Un Jour Ailleurs team has been working with Qubit to get closer to their customers through the use of personalization.

A key component of the personalization strategy has been to increase the context customers are given about specific products. This has included surfacing relevant items with recommendations, showing trending items with social proof and highlighting product stock levels with a low stock pointer. In addition, the brand has leveraged Qubit Aura, the product discovery solution for the mobile web, which tailors a product feed of relevant items based on the behavior and intent on an individual visitor.

Product recommendations on the PDP

In order to surface the most relevant products throughout the customer journey, product recommendations were deployed on the product detail page (PDP) to highlight complementary products to those being looked at.

5.2% uplift in RPV

"Personalization is an important component of the brand’s global strategy. As we look to understand our customers even more, we need to have the technology to make sure we can meet their expectations. Qubit provides us with the capability to move quickly and meet our customer experience objectives."

Marie Dominique Lacroix

Marketing Director

Social proof on the PDP

Social proof technology has enabled the Un Jour Ailleurs team to show product popularity to create a sense of reassurance for customers who haven’t added to their bag yet. The strategy boosts confidence and validates the intent and choice the visitor is making.

4.88% uplift in RPV


Qubit Aura for mobile web

With customers increasingly using their mobile as the main engagement channel for shopping, it’s imperative brands offer experiences that maximize the number of products seen to increase the chances of adds to bag.

Qubit Aura uses the behavior and intent of an individuals’ interactions to curate a bespoke experience and surfaces the most relevant products based on those interactions.

•  11% increase in open rate
•  Average products seen: 21
•  3.6% uplift in CVR

"Qubit Start is just the beginning of our personalization journey. We’re already looking to the Qubit team to accelerate our efforts so that we can differentiate our online experience before anyone else. Personalization gives us the opportunity to build relationships with our customers, it’s imperative that we use this strategy to build lifetime loyalty to the brand."

Marie Dominique Lacroix

Marketing Director

Low stock pointer on the PDP

Low stock pointers, a form of product badging, create urgency in the purchase journey and ensure that a customer isn’t disappointed about missing out on a potential product they really wanted.

This strategy is very effective in increasing adds to bag and average order values.

4% uplift in RPV 

"The ability to deploy different strategies across our website is essential. Qubit Start has been integral to us understanding what works, and what doesn’t. Recommendations, social proof, and low stock experiences are all ways in which we are giving our customers the context they need to make the right decision, with Qubit Aura really bringing our mobile experience to life - all these experiences are having an immediate impact on trading."

Louis Larivière

Ecommerce manager

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