Customer insights

Getting personalizations up and running on your site is great - but to explain how great your personalizations are, you need data, evidence and proof. Qubit provides you with the customer insights necessary to create more great personalizations, to monitor what’s going on, and for analysis.

Access all your customer insights

Flexible reporting at your fingertips
Access all your granular data and customer insight via our Looker integration, or with your own BI tool. Standard reports and dashboards will get you started, while flexible tools to help you dig deeper into the data.

Analyze personalization experiences
See which visitors saw which personalizations and conduct segmentation on a current, or past experiences.

Understand who’s who
Get a clear view of who the users in a segment are, and understand more about them with high-level and contextual metrics.

An attribution report using Qubit data in Looker
Details of segment performance in the Qubit app

Essential in-app segmentation reports

Clear segment metrics
The segment metrics page provides detailed customer insights into each of your segments, with all the key metrics: conversion rate, revenue per visitor, and average order value.

Monitor activity distribution
See how visitors in a segment interact with your brand, looking at their locations, devices and number of sessions.

Understand segments' sentiments
Keep track of how visitors in different segments express their different interests with a breakdown of their feedback and lists of popular products and categories.

Understand experience performance

An at-a-glance overview
Use the Overview for quick insight into how effective your personalization strategy is, how many live experiences you have, your traffic and conversions.

Monitor every experience
Drill down into each individual experience with key stats and easy-to-interpret results for every personalization goal you set.

Smart solution reporting
Easily understand the value of your abandonment recovery and product recommendation experiences right from the Qubit platform.

Qubit in-app reporting of an abandonment recovery experience
Qubit platform showing metrics for a self-segmented group of visitors

Uncover qualitative customer insights

Understand your visitors' opinions
Find out how your customers feel with exit feedback, and understand it at a glance with an easy-to-interpret heat-map.

Qualitative data analysis
Using Qubit Visitor Pulse, you can create surveys to understand customers’ satisfaction, experience, intentions, or issues — even for just a particular segment, with all the data available for analysis.

Preference collection and targeting
Launch surveys that will help you segment your visitors according to their responses and target them with experiences. Review and analyze the responses in graphical form.

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