Customer insights

Getting personalizations up and running on your site is great - but to explain how great your personalizations are, you need data, evidence, proof. Getting proof requires you to access insight - that you can then use to create more great personalizations, to monitor what’s going on, and for analysis - so you can explain why.

Your most useful reports, ready for action

Access on-demand reports
Access key information and customer insight about experiences, segments and data collection anytime from templated reports.

Analyze personalization experiences
See who has seen an experience and conduct segmentation on a current, or past personalization.

Understand who’s who
Get a clear view of who the users in a segment are, and understand more about them with high-level and contextual metrics.

Uncover customer insights

Opportunity mining
Smart machine learning sorts through your customer data looking for underperforming groups so you know where to prioritize your efforts, and overperforming groups for monitoring or tailored personalizations.

Read people’s opinions
Find out how your customers feel with exit feedback, and understand it at a glance with an easy-to-interpret heat-map.

Bring your own BI
Access all your data with your existing BI tool for easy analysis.

Marketing attribution

Flexible performance collection
Understand which marketing channels are really creating value, and allocate your marketing spend for maximum effectiveness

Powerful drill-downs
Look at high-level campaign reporting and drill down to individual campaign aspects or customers who are interacting with these campaigns to identify common traits.

On-demand understanding
All your attribution data is accessible in real time, for fast reporting.

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