Customer polling and feedback

Powerful personalizations comes from having deep knowledge of your customers. With Qubit, you have tools to add context to site behavior, asking your customers more about themselves, and listening to the feedback.

Create definitive customer segments

Q&A for data you can’t get other ways
To augment your understanding of a visitor’s purchase history, you can add surveys to find out their further intentions, like whether they come to your site to buy gifts or shop for themselves.

Qubit Visitor Pulse lets customers express preferences, and self-segment. This means they’ll see personalizations based on their specific choices.

Ask and infer 
By looking at the behavior of visitors who have self-segmented, you can discover more information about that segment and create inferred segments for customers who match the behavior of the self-segmented visitors.


Uncover qualitative customer insights

Qualitative data analysis
Create surveys to understand customers’ satisfaction, experience, intentions, or issues. Whether you target everyone or a particular cohort, all of the data is available for analysis and insight.

Preference collection and targeting
Segment your visitors according to their responses to surveys and target them with relevant experiences.

Launch surveys to measure NPS
You can use Qubit Visitor Pulse to collect Net Promoter Scores. Create segments based on the results, create experiences to address the needs of customers at risk; or elevate the experiences of promoters.


Listen to customer feedback

Understand how customers feel
Find out how your visitors feel by using Qubit Opinions. This can be combined with quantitative and behavioral data for a comprehensive view of your customers.

Sentiment analysis with natural language processing
Customer feedback data is parsed into statements which are categorized against a taxonomy relevant to your vertical, analyzed for sentiment and topic so that you can investigate further customer behaviors.

Easy-to-interpret results
Customer feedback is displayed with a summary heat-map showing the volume and distribution for each topic and displayed in the segment metrics page.