Advanced customer segmentationfor enhanced targeting.

Sophisticated customer segmentation is at the heart of personalization. Using data to understand who your visitors are enables you to get closer to your customers with persuasive personalization.

Any customer segment you need, right at your fingertips.

Integrated segmentation
Create useful segments from rich customer data collected from a wide variety of sources, then target them immediately with personalized experiences.

Use Visitor pulse surveys to let customers express preferences, and use those preferences to deliver personalized and relevant experiences.


Preference-based customer segmentation.

Segment customers based on expressed visitor feedback
Use Visitor Pulse and request the preference data that matters and immediately personalize to visitors based on their responses.

Use and re-use surveys
Simply deploy templated surveys to request information that enriches your customer understanding.


Flexible customer segmentation.

Real-time customer segmentation
Segments and the relevant experiences stay up-to-date with conditions and rules automatically to determine who enters and leaves a segment in real-time.

Combine any segments condition with another
Stitch together your existing segments with AND and OR logic to reach a precise group of visitors.

Track segment transitions as goals
Some visitors are more valuable than others. Track a customer moving between segments such as ‘repeat purchaser’ to ‘VIP’ as a success metric for personalizations.


Use historical data to supercharge your customer segments.

Put historical data to work
Our data collection capabilities ensure it is stored in a well-structured format. Enabling you to pull in historical data on any visitors who meets the criteria of a customer segment you create today.

Increase the candidate pool
Reach more people and instantly populate segments by replaying every customer's journey to see if they match your segment criteria.


Understand and target customers with any data point.

Understand every customer segment
Analyze metrics on segment performance and uncover trends in visitor behavior.

Use any data you have to create customer segments
Import data into Qubit from other systems to create unique segments based on any data point. Use this data in physical stores, showrooms and offline interactions.

Maintain real-time data synergy
Listen to our segment change API to ensure your systems of record stay in sync with Qubit's segmentation engine.


Strategic customer segmentation.

See how the Topman deliver segmented personal experiences to their key target audiences, such as preferential student offers and pricing.

Then analyze geograpgical data to create in depth customer segments for product promotions.

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