Data and insights

With Qubit you can gather granular data from across your site and systems for targeted personalization and detailed analysis.

"Qubit has enabled us to transform our online customer journey and differentiate our offering. The access to data gives us insight into our customer behavior, allowing us to predict intent and target customers appropriately - there is no solution better suited to help us on our journey."

Daniel Ox

Co-CEO, Ocean Holidays

Data collection

QProtocol, Qubit’s data layer, is designed to collect structured, event-based data across desktop and mobile, enabling you to deliver personalization across all your channels.

Qubit also enables you to collect qualitative customer insight from visitor feedback and surveys and to ingest data from offline sources. By capturing every relevant insight from a user’s journey, Qubit enables better reporting, more refined personalization and powerful machine learning, all based on the data that’s relevant to your business.

Image of a travel website with the some of the customer attributes Qubit collects for personalization
Image of Qubit's machine learning, showing interesting revenue opportunities

Machine learning

Qubit’s robust and pervasive machine learning foundation analyzes customers and experiences using every available data point.

It enables individualized mobile shopping experiences with Qubit Aura, and continuously optimized product recommendations. As our data uses a structured schema, every Qubit customer can take advantage of serious scale - algorithms are trained on all available data - and speed, with real-time data processing.


All the customer data used for personalization, segment data and the results of personalized experiences are available for analysis and insight.

In-app reporting gives you instant visibility into the performance of segments and personalizations. Qubit Live Tap then provides full access to all of your personalization data with high speed, low latency data exploration. You can use our preferred provider or the BI tool of your choice.

Image of a customer segment being analyzed.

More capabilities

See what else is in Qubit Pro.

Data and insights

All the data you need to understand your visitors.


Create targeted audience segments.



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Deliver personalized customer experiences.


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