Data collection

Successful personalization depends on fast, accurate data collection, and the ability to process it in real-time. Data freshness and low-latency, sub-second data processing enables you to create advanced in-session experiences.

High-speed data pipeline.

Low latency, real-time events
Data from every source is gathered, enriched and processed immediately. Meaning you can use it for experience creation, triggering and segmentation right away.

Ready for massive scale
Our platform is architected to handle enormous scale, from black friday and viral social media attention, to the biggest sporting events of the calendar.

Built-in data validation
Simpler event structured data is key to processing and actioning in real time. Every data point is validated and enriched according to our pioneering industry schemas.

Structured data from any source.
Get contextual, preference and offline data for personalization.

Comprehensive customer data collection.

Contextual behavioral data
Qubit's scripts, iOS and Android SDKs enable you to find out what your customers are doing on your transactional channels. Gather highly granular insights, in real-time for unprecedented understanding, segmentation and targeting.

Ask for direct customer feedback
The most powerful insights come directly from your customers. Use Visitor Pulse to gather the explicit data points for hyper-relevant targeting and personalization.

Server to server integration
Qubit is an open platform. Stream your own data directly into Qubit.

Stream in your existing data.

Link data sources
Import information from external sources and join offline and CRM data with your web and mobile app data.

Multiple ingestion methods
Import data, unrestricted by size, volume or schema, directly into Qubit. Choose from manual uploads or automated imports via a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Data querying and aggregation
Use the power of SQL to query and aggregate data points from across multiple sources to gather meaningful business insights. Use these to power segmentation, analysis and 1:1 personalization.

Link up data sources and onboard your existing information and insight.
Take your Qubit data back into your own systems or out into BI tools.

An open ecosystem.

Keep your records up to date
Sync data into your systems of record, including segment memberships, experiences viewed, survey responses, or any other insight from Qubit.

Reach your customers with new personalization tools
Integrate with push notification providers, ESPs, internal communications channels, customer services systems, and more to deliver more personalized customer experiences.

Unlock the insights in your omni-channel personalization data
Qubit's primary partner for BI is Looker. However we also work with industry-leading BI systems such as Google Data Studios, Tableau, Qlik, and BIME.

Built on top of Google Cloud.


Access to Big Query via Live Tap, batch data transfers via Google Cloud Storage, or real-time behavioral data via Cloud Pub/Sub.

Betfair combined multiple data sources to deliver personalized messages.

Combine data sources

Betfair use Qubit to combine multiple data sources, including live data, to deliver secure, reliable personalized experiences.

Read the case study

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