Data exchange

Great experiences depend on great customer data.

Often, the challenge isn’t the lack of customer data, it’s whether you can get it into a place where it can be used to create more impactful personalization. With Qubit, you can take all your collected online, offline, streaming, surveyed or file-based information and put it to work. What’s more, you can also get the data out again - for ongoing monitoring and detailed analysis.

Comprehensive customer data collection

Ask for direct customer feedback
The most powerful insights can come directly from your customers. Use quick incremental surveys to deliver hyper-relevant targeting and personalization efforts.

Collect contextual behavioral data
Find out what your customers are really doing on your site, gathering the most granular insight in real-time.

Enrich your understanding with additional data
You can add data from other systems - or offline data - into the mix, like CRM data or student program membership, with batch and programmatic upload.

Live Tap - your data, on tap

Unlock the insights in your data
The anonymous and known customer data collected within the Qubit platform is incredibly rich. Why not tap into this data with your favorite business intelligence or analytics software to seek out new opportunities to delight your customers?

Bring your own BI
Qubit has preferred support for Looker, but also works with other industry leading BI systems like Google Data Studios, Tableau, Qlik, or BIME. You can even use Microsoft Excel to access your data through live tap.

Image showing a segment being created in Qubit Pro.

Putting your data to work

Laser-focused personalization
Whatever the source of your data, once in the Customer Influence Engine, Qubit enable you to create evolving, precisely defined visitor groups for targeted personalizations

Integration and extensibility
You can extend the reach of Qubit, and your Qubit data with APIs and integrations, taking personalization into new channels, and using your data in new ways

In context data analytics
The data richness is always with you, keeping track of how your personalizations perform and giving visibility on segment performance, composition and trends.

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