Catalysts of Change: The people and companies advancing personalization

At our exclusive event in partnership with Internet Retailer, we launched cutting-edge thought leadership about the importance of personalization, featuring insight from 16 industry experts.

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Our keynote speaker was Diane Von Furstenberg’s Director of Ecommerce, Felipe Araujo. He delivered some key messages about the journey that DVF had been on and the approach they were taking to personalization.


DVF's path to Web Personalization

DVF's path to Web Personalization

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We also heard Felipe speak of Qubit Aura, a new AI-powered solution to fix product discovery on mobile. Joining him was Bud Goswami, Head of Data Science at Qubit. Bud’s presentation focused on which tactics are really effective drive ecommerce revenue.


Felipe Araujo

Senior Director of Ecommerce, DVF


Bud Goswami

Lead Data Scientist, Qubit

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Packed with insights and case studies from senior industry execs exploring how to prepare your business for personalization and digital change.


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