Catalysts of Change.

At our exclusive event in partnership with Retail Week we launched our latest research, featuring insights from over 70 senior retail executives on their perspectives and priorities when it comes to technological innovation.

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We hosted over 150 leaders from the retail industry, and heard from speakers at Tesco, Google Retail, Topman, Lyst, Westfield & Grabble.


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Our speakers covered a fascinating range of topics, from data and personalisation to the next big trends for mobile. We also explored the report in more detail and heard from Google, Topman and Lyst as part of our panel discussion.

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Rafael Orta

Tesco Director of Online Business Services


Myf Ryan

Westfield CMO UK & Europe


Daniel Murray

Grabble Co-Founder


Elinor York-Noble

Qubit Retail Team Lead


Catalysts of Change: panel discussion

Catalysts of Change: panel discussion

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In partnership with Retail Week, we interviewed 70+ senior retail execs to uncover their perspectives and priorities when it comes to disruptive technologies.


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