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RAC Chooses Qubit to Help It Increase Revenue Per Customer

16th Juil 2015

Qubit, the pioneer in delivering data-first customer experiences, today announced that the RAC has selected Qubit to help drive increased revenue per customer through the upsell of a range of ancillary services. This deployment will enable the RAC to deliver greater volumes of tests in order to identify the broader needs of specific online customers.

RAC digital marketing manager Jason Bennett said: “We are looking to drive added value to our customers through a market leading range of ancillary services. By utilizing Qubit, we are able to better understand the needs of each customer before delivering the right offer at the right time. We pride ourselves at the RAC in our commitment to understanding how best to meet our customers’ needs and providing an unprecedented level of digital customer experience.”

Graham Cooke, founder and CEO of Qubit said: “The RAC is looking to increase revenue per head through better understanding what part of its range of ancillary products it should offer to each customer and when to do so. As with so much of what we do, this is all about making sure you have the best understanding of your customers and their needs. At Qubit we know how to scale a company’s technology stack without breaking the bank in terms of costs, knowledge and manpower. More and more businesses are realizing that the key to maintaining brand loyalty is to provide the most sophisticated online experience possible for shoppers, making them feel as if they are receiving the personal attention they would receive elsewhere.”

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