Getting started 
with personalization

Personalization is gaining momentum as organizations look to provide customer experiences that create value and inspire loyalty.
If you’re just getting started, we can offer guidance and recommendations that will drive early success.

Our first steps together.

Qubit has more than eight years of working on personalization with in-house marketing, product and dev teams at companies including L’Occitane, NET-A-PORTER, and Emirates. Our understanding of digital strategy and personalization is second to none. Based on robust research and tried and tested techniques, we can offer a set of tactics that are easy to scale without significant resources.

Cover all stages of the purchase journey across multiple channels with these three steps for customer-centric personalization.


Help customers find something they will love, tailored to their interests and behavior, on mobile.


Encourage customers to look deeper into your catalog with different product recommendation strategies.


Validate and support customers in their purchase decisions with social proof and urgency messaging.

“We put the customer first in everything we do. Matching the in-store experience with the online experience was a must and we needed a robust technology to achieve it. In our first year with Qubit we’ve driven significant value across multiple customer experience initiatives that have allowed us to tailor our offering and recommendations to different customer segments. Personalization is not a 'nice to have' for Hobbs, it’s essential.”

Andy Wilson

Head of Ecommerce, Hobbs

Begin with mobile.

Focus on your biggest channel.
Most businesses now see approximately twice the traffic from smartphones than from computers—here’s where to make your best first impression.

Tackle the big small screen problem.
Poor product discovery is a barrier for mobile shoppers. The solution is a social-style experience surfacing more of the most relevant products for every visitor.

Deliver cross-channel impact.
Qubit research shows that mobile influences an average of 19% of purchases made on computers, so tackling mobile personalization benefits your other channels.

Different product recommendations strategies on the home, category and basket pages.

Use profitable tactics.

Go beyond A/B testing.
Conversion rate optimization and testing cosmetic parts of your site changes, colors and messaging keeps you busy, but doesn’t always drive value.

Leverage behavioral traits.
In ground breaking research from Qubit, we found that urgency, scarcity, social proof and product recommendations are highly effective personalization techniques for driving value.

Earn stakeholder trust.
Delivering value quickly with personalizations will not only improve the customer experience, it also makes it easier to secure buy in from senior stakeholders.

More impact, not more work.

Choose automation.
If you have a small team, ‘set and forget’ tactics such as product recommendations will drive steadily revenue without being a burden.

Start with the data you already have.
Not all personalization tactics need historical purchase data—recommendations, trending and badging techniques can work from the get go.

Prepare for the future.
You will need more data for more powerful personalizations. Ensure you start with a view to collecting data in a structured and actionable way.

Dropdown showing recommendation algorithms in the Qubit platform
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Get started on the path to personalization.

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