Cart Abandonment

When looking through the lens of personalization, cart abandonment refers to a process of predicting, detecting, and contacting visitors who intend to exit or have exited a website.

What is the average cart abandonment rate?

According to our research, the average cart abandonment rate is around 68.6%.

How can you reduce cart abandonment?

Many of the top brands that work with Qubit have delivered effective solutions aimed at reducing cart abandonment rates.  One of the most tried and tested is the triggering of a push notification with a special offer: this is a great way to get started.

Taking this to the next level means pulling in page and behavioral data to personalize your abandonment messaging to different points of exit; you can also tap into your customer segments to deliver hyper-relevant, one-to-few messaging—the days of pushing out generic one-size-fits-all messaging are truly over. See how Qubit Pro customer Specsavers were able to reduce bounce rates and increase engagement with an abandonment layer.

We also offer the possibility to deploy an abandonment recovery experience through your email service provider (ESP). In its most basic form, this email can deliver targeted messaging, perhaps a special offer, to entice customers to return to your site and complete the order. 

Going one step further, you can supercharge your efforts by incorporating product recommendations thereby creating a unique opportunity to cross-sell and upsell items from within the product catalog.

Does Qubit support abandonment recovery?

Qubit’s abandonment recovery solution gives you complete control over what your push notifications or emails look like in terms of branding and format, adherence to opt-out lists, frequency capping rules, and reporting.