Product Badging

Product badging refers to the use of stickers in the form of images, text, or a combination of the two, to highlight specific product attributes and promotions associated with a product. Badging has proven to be highly effective in driving engagement and studies show it is a highly effective way of driving conversion rates and a very successful personalization tool that supports customers’ need to be supported and directed in their decision making around product choices. Simply stated, websites that employ product badging perform better in leading customers into the conversion funnel than websites that do not.

How is product badging successful?

Among the many possible explanations, three stand out:

1. Badging makes it easier for your customers to find products that are relevant to them. That might be that’s because they are looking for products with particular attributes or because they are looking for the latest trends that other shoppers are clearly interested in

2. Badging helps your customers make purchasing decisions. This is especially true with badges that highlight a peer review or rating

3. Badging educates your customers by helping them to understand a product and equip them with the knowledge about how to use a product. This comes with considerable advantages

We have some great examples of how leading brands can use badging as part of their personalization strategy in our research, 'The Future of Beauty.'