Social Proof

Social proof is one of Qubit’s programmatic experiences that draws on the power of social influence to drive sales by creating urgency and reassurance and is based on the idea that consumers are more likely to purchase a product that others have already purchased—known as the bandwagon effect.


What are some examples of social proof?

Social proof is proven to increase conversions by showing customers how popular a product or service is. Examples include:

  • Purchase counters to create urgency and demand for time or stock limited products
  • Last booked features to provide visual feedback that a product is currently in demand by showing the last purchase date and time
  • Hot product trends to show the top trending products on your site as a method of generating interest on your site

What social proof experiences does Qubit offer?

Qubit offers three flavors of social proof experiences, which can be used in the most impactful points in the customer journey.

As with all personalization tactics, Qubit recommends a robust A/B testing strategy to test what social proof experience works for your brand:

Social proof counting

Best used to provide urgency and demand for time or stock limited products:

Example 1 - 24 people viewed this product in the last hour

Example 2 - 112 people bought this in the last 2 days

Counting can be performed on any event

Product Views, Basket Adds, or Transactions per product

Social proof recency

Best used to provide validation and confidence in the purchasing funnel:

Example 1 - this item was last booked at 12:03 today

Example 2 - the last item bought on this site was less than 5 minutes ago

Provide visual feedback that the item is in demand at present

Surface the last time and date the item was booked for products which have been purchased recently

Social proof trending

Best used for helping first time users with product discovery:

Example 1 - top trending items in New York

Example 2 - top shared items on social networks

Show the top trending items on your site as a method to create discovery on your site

Apply this to items shared on social networks to present 'social engagement'

How can I combine social proof with other Qubit products?

Qubit’s social proof can be combined with a range of other products. One popular combination involves using Qubit’s product recommendations to deliver a cart abandonment email featuring products badged as "trending".