Visitor Pulse

Visitor pulse is one of Qubit’s programmatic experiences, which enables you to create custom surveys to collect qualitative feedback and preferences. All the data is stored in Qubit's Data Store and can be analyzed for insights and used to get an up-to-date picture of visitor and customer perception.Surveys can be launched for all website traffic or for a specific segment of visitors and you can use the responses to further refine your segments or create new ones.

What can you do with Qubit's visitor pulse?

With Qubit’s Visitor pulse, you can:

  • Create surveys to collect qualitative information from visitors and learn about their satisfaction, experience, intentions, or issues
  • Create surveys that will help you segment your visitors according to their responses and target them with experiences

How does visitor pulse relate to segmentation?

Sometimes, the main goal of a survey will be to learn something about your visitors and customers that you can then use to target with an experience. The first step in targeting visitors is to create a segment for those visitors that respond to survey questions with similar responses.

Examples of segments built based on Visitor pulse responses:

  • Customers who submitted Net Promoter Score lower than 7, referred to as detractors and had high spend in the last 6 months. These are your valuable customers at risk
  • Visitors who answered that they have very little idea about how to choose the right product on your site. These are your prospective customers, who need more guidance

How does visitor pulse help improve the customer experience?

By collecting both feedback and preferences from your visitors and customers you provide your business with valuable insights that can inform your wider personalization strategy. As mentioned you can segment visitors that gave similar responses to questions and target them with experiences and, in the same way, refine existing segments with the addition of qualitative data to deliver an even more personalized customer experience.

Can I combine visitor pulse with other personalization experiences?

Qubit’s open and connected architecture means that all experiences can be combined to deliver supercharged personalization. Indeed, our research shows that the best results are obtained by combining experiences that bring together data points collected across your online and offline brand presence.

Examples of combining Visitor pulse with other Qubit experiences include using survey results to surface and curate relevant product recommendations based on expressed brand, category, or gender preferences or badging products for detractors based on NPS results.