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Are Your Customers Cheating on You?

Forbes, January 14, 2018


Using AI to Tackle Big Small Screen Problems

WIRED, January 14, 2018


The online shopping revolution is facing revolution

CNBC, January 14, 2018

Peaks pressure as ‘two thirds of consumers yet to book their 2018 holiday’

12th Jan 2018 - Travel Trade Gazette

Customer data sharing comes out of the shadows

6th Jan 2018 - The Financial Times

6 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Commerce Performance

30th Dec 2017 - Ecommerce Times

Christmas Must Set the ‘Mobile-First’ Mindset for 2018

20th Dec 2017 - Retail Tech News

Small e-retailers could be hurt by the end of net neutrality

15th Dec 2017 - Internet Retailer

5 Reasons Your Organization Needs an Omnichannel Strategy in 2018

6th Dec 2017 - CMS Wire

Retailers miss out on mobile opportunity this Black Friday

1st Dec 2017 - Econsultancy

More than mobile: Martech insights from Black Friday & Cyber Monday

29th Nov 2017 - MarTech Advisor

Cyber Monday Becomes ‘Mobile Monday’ With $6.5 Billion Revenue Haul

29th Nov 2017 - Retail TouchPoints

Mobile traffic drives Black Friday sales growth

28th Nov 2017 - Retail Systems

Cyber Monday sales total $6.59 billion in the US as smartphones account for 21.2% of revenue

28th Nov 2017 - Internet Retailer

Meet the winners and losers of Black Friday 2017

27th Nov 2017 - Retail Dive

Holiday Shopping Data Shows the Mobile Shift Is Accelerating

27th Nov 2017 - eMarketer

DvF Enlists Qubit for AI-Backed Tech

21st Nov 2017 - Women's Wear Daily

Singles Day results in a 61% increase in mobile traffic

17th Nov 2017 - Econsultancy

Cruise chooses Qubit to navigate personalization journey

9th Nov 2017 - Travel Daily News

Fortune favours the ambitious

8th Nov 2017 - Travolution

Decoding Decoded Fashion & Beauty – Our 6 key takeaways

8th Nov 2017 - Automat

DVF.com’s Pinterest-like product discovery feature boosts mobile conversions by 400%

1st Nov 2017 - Internet Retailer

Planning For The New Black Friday And Cyber Monday Shopping Reality To Maximize Revenues

24th Oct 2017 - Retail TouchPoints

Opinion: Retailers haven’t mastered the mobile basics

23rd Oct 2017 - Retail Week

Conference review: Wired Retail 2017

18th Oct 2017 - Retail Systems

How to Overcome Information Overload Using Personalised Marketing

17th Oct 2017 - RDO Digital

Straight Shooting on AI as a Technology and Business Matter

16th Oct 2017 - SBC News

Winning Over Hard-to-Please Brits Requires the Personal Touch

16th Oct 2017 - Digital Marketing Magazine

Diane Von Furstenberg, Wolf & Badger And ColourPop Test Mobile Product Discovery

16th Oct 2017 - Retail TouchPoints

Qubit has launched a Netflix-style recommendation feature for mobile commerce

13th Oct 2017 - Campaign

Qubit Tackles Product Discovery on Mobile with Industry-first AI Powered Solution

13th Oct 2017 - BDaily

The Simple Ways Topman is Thinking About a Personalised Customer Experience

13th Oct 2017 - Fashion & Mash

Conversion rates on desktop more than double that of mobile

13th Oct 2017 - Econsultancy

Qubit Aura personalises product discovery for mobile shoppers

13th Oct 2017 - Canvas8

How fashion and beauty brands are using AI to drive mobile purchases

12th Oct 2017 - Digiday

How fashion and beauty brands are using AI to drive mobile purchases

12th Oct 2017 - Glossy

Qubit launches an Instagram-like, AI-powered product news feed for mobile

12th Oct 2017 - Marketing Land

Qubit Tackles Product Discovery on Mobile with AI-Powered Solution

12th Oct 2017 - Econtent

Diane von Furstenberg tests AI-powered tool for converting mobile shoppers

12th Oct 2017 - Mobile Marketer

Diane von Furstenberg tests AI-powered tool for converting mobile shoppers

12th Oct 2017 - Retail Dive

Qubit Personalizes Search With AI, Instagram-Like Mobile Feed

12th Oct 2017 - Media Post

DVF drives sales on mobile Web with product visibility

11th Oct 2017 - Luxury Daily

Qubit Tackles Product Discovery on Mobile with Industry-first AI Powered Solution

11th Oct 2017 - MarComm News

Qubit Aura Brings AI-Powered Product Discovery to Mobile Ecommerce

11th Oct 2017 - CMS Wire

Qubit Launches Aura Personalization Product

11th Oct 2017 - Destination CRM

Qubit launches an Instagram-like, AI-powered product news feed for mobile

11th Oct 2017 - MarTech Today

Qubit combats mobile discovery gap with Aura launch

11th Oct 2017 - Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Qubit Launches AI-powered Aura: a Mobile Product Discovery Solution for Retail

11th Oct 2017 - MarTech Advisor

The State of E-Commerce Personalization: Budgets, Trends, and Challenges [Infographic]

10th Oct 2017 - MarketingProfs

This time it’s personal(isation): Qubit boss Graham Cooke on beating Amazon

2nd Oct 2017 - City A.M.

Qubit named ‘Rising Star’ at CRM Market Awards

28th Sep 2017 - Software Testing News

Four New Offices and Two Senior Hires for Qubit

25th Sep 2017 - Daily Research News Online

How data is changing the very model of the modern merchandiser

22nd Sep 2017 - Digiday

Qubit Hires New CMO, Leah Anathan; Joe Smith Takes on CRO Position

20th Sep 2017 - MarTech Advisor

Qubit Announces Key Appointments to Support Ambitious Growth Plans

20th Sep 2017 - Marketing Dive

The 2017 CRM Market Rising Stars: Qubit

28th Aug 2017 - Destination CRM

British Heart Foundation continues journey to personalisation

24th Aug 2017 - Charity Digital News

Why Amazon’s dominance over e-commerce may not be as complete as it seems

23rd Aug 2017 - The Drum

What egaming can learn from two billion retail and travel customer journeys

22nd Aug 2017 - EGR

Carpetright adds online personalisation

17th Aug 2017 - Retail Systems

Carpetright works at online personalisation to boost in-store sales

16th Aug 2017 - Internet Retailing

Two billion user journeys reveal exciting opportunities for travel

9th Aug 2017 - Travolution

Company Profile: Ocean Holidays to focus on Winged Boots growth after investment in tech and new HQ

28th Jul 2017 - Travolution

Scaling data is key to reaching personalisation nirvana

27th Jul 2017 - Retail Gazette

Mobile Product Discovery with AI

26th Jul 2017 - Website Magazine

Want To Boost Online Revenue? Leverage Scarcity, Social Proof And Urgency

25th Jul 2017 - Retail TouchPoints

Marketers: Stop Wasting Time and Money on Optimization Strategies that Don’t Work

18th Jul 2017 - MarTech Advisor

Ecommerce Product Releases: July 17, 2017

17th Jul 2017 - Practical Ecommerce

How retailers can beat the e-commerce giants

17th Jul 2017 - Campaign

Qubit Teases AI-powered Solution to Change the Mobile Commerce Game

14th Jul 2017 - Mobile Marketing Watch

Looker and Qubit partner to offer data personalization

14th Jul 2017 - Information Management

What 2 Billion User Journeys Tell Us About Personalization [Infographic]

13th Jul 2017 - MarketingProfs

ColourPop Leverages Customer Data To Enhance Digital Experience

11th Jul 2017 - Retail TouchPoints

Qubit revamps product discovery for mobile shoppers

11th Jul 2017 - Retail Dive

Qubit announces AI-powered mobile commerce discovery platform at MB 2017

11th Jul 2017 - VentureBeat

Qubit announces AI-powered mobile commerce discovery platform

11th Jul 2017 - MVNO Blog

Qubit Announces Exclusive Beta of AI-powered Solution to Change the Mobile Commerce Game

11th Jul 2017 - Sector Publishing Intelligence

Qubit Joins Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to Provide Ecommerce Businesses with Scalable Personalization Platform

7th Jul 2017 - Ad Tech Daily

Qubit Joins Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program

6th Jul 2017 - EContent

The Monday Stack: Happy July 4th

3rd Jul 2017 - DMN

Qubit Joins Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program

30th Jun 2017 - Adotas

Personalisation and optimisation hold key to significant ecommerce growth: study

27th Jun 2017 - Internet Retailing

‘Personalisation at Scale’…Goodwood partners with Qubit for digital inventory optimisation

27th Jun 2017 - SBC News

Qubit Highlights Techniques for Competing with Amazon

26th Jun 2017 - Destination CRM

Survey: Big data, predictive analytics top investment priorities

25th Jun 2017 - Retail Dive

Beating the 800-Pound E-Commerce Gorilla with Personalization Tech & Techniques

23rd Jun 2017 - Website Magazine

Ecommerce businesses could add 6% to revenues by using personalisation techniques

23rd Jun 2017 - Econsultancy

Marketers Still Have Room to Grow Personalization Efforts

23rd Jun 2017 - DMN

Scarcity messages and social proof picked as top ways to boost web revenue

22nd Jun 2017 - Tnooz

Ecommerce Personalisation Could Add Up To 6% To Revenues According To Qubit Study

22nd Jun 2017 - Ecommerce Guide

Qubit Sheds Light on Optimization Techniques That Really Work

22nd Jun 2017 - CMS Wire

Opinion: Substance wins over style for etail sales

22nd Jun 2017 - Retail Week

Opinion: Substance wins over style for etail sales.

22nd Jun 2017 - James Sawley

Are Retailers Pulling the Right Levers to Maximize Sales?

21st Jun 2017 - eMarteker

Which ecommerce techniques are the most effective?

21st Jun 2017 - Marketing Tech

Many website tweaks fail to boost retailers’ sales

21st Jun 2017 - Internet Retailer

Path to purchase: New study shows how brands can “beat Amazon at its own game”

21st Jun 2017 - NetImperative

Data on More Than Two Billion User Journeys Identifies Design Modifications that Boost Revenue

21st Jun 2017 - VizWorld

Analysis of 2 billion user stories explains how to compete with Amazon

21st Jun 2017 - Venture Beat

Forget cosmetics. The top 3 drivers of personalization success in ecommerce [Others are reading this post right now!]

21st Jun 2017 - Customer Think

Study: Information-based personalization outperforms cosmetic optimization

21st Jun 2017 - Marketing Dive

Forget About Button Colors, Data-Driven Personalization Work Best: Qubit Research

21st Jun 2017 - CDP Institute

Personalization can add up to six percent to ecommerce revenues

21st Jun 2017 - BetaNews

Ecommerce Leaving Billions Of Dollars Unclaimed

21st Jun 2017 - Media Post

Study: Personalization should be priority in e-commerce upgrades

20th Jun 2017 - Retail Dive

Retailers L’Occitane And Alice + Olivia Merge Marketing With The UX

20th Jun 2017 - Ad Exchanger

ColourPop invests in personalisation tech

19th Jun 2017 - Retail Systems

Qubit Partners with Looker to Boost Data-driven Personalization

16th Jun 2017 - MarTech Advisor

Qubit Partners with Looker on Personalization

15th Jun 2017 - Destination CRM

Qubit and Looker Forge Partnership to Empower Data-Driven Personalization for E-Commerce

15th Jun 2017 - MarTech Series

Qubit and Looker Establish Partnership to Empower Data-driven Personalization

15th Jun 2017 - Cusotmer Think

ColourPop stars with digital partnership

15th Jun 2017 - Retail Technology

ColourPop looks to Qubit for next-gen personalization guidance

13th Jun 2017 - Retail Dive

ColourPop Doubles Down on Customer Centricity

9th Jun 2017 - RIS News

From an office sauna to paid puppy leave: Here are the UK’s best employee perks for 2017

7th Jun 2017 - CityAM

Use data to turn sports bettors into political pundits

1st Jun 2017 - EGR

Persuasive personalization deep dive with Graham Cooke, Founder and CEO at Qubit

1st Jun 2017 - MarTech Advisor

Personalization evangelist Graham Cooke discusses the ideal marketing skills

1st Jun 2017 - MarTech Advisor

5 Personalization Lessons from Alice + Olivia

30th May 2017 - DMN

How fashion brands use heuristics to inform strategy

25th May 2017 - Glossy 101

Without Tech Investment, your Marketing Strategy is a Paper Dragon

17th May 2017 - Digital Marketing Magazine

Machine learning can address retail’s customer service failures

9th May 2017 - Internet Retailing

Three reasons to join the AI gold rush

4th May 2017 - Retail Week

AI has yet to match its disruptive potential in retail report

28th Apr 2017 - Fashion & Mash

Is This AI or BS? Artificial Intelligence Is All the Rage, but Sometimes It’s Just Hype

19th Apr 2017 - Advertising Age

Qubit – Key Discipline…why personalisation marks the difference…

18th Apr 2017 - SBC News

How Airlines Are Using Technology To Seem More Human.

18th Apr 2017 - Emily Price

UK retailers are failing to invest in AI and machine learning

7th Apr 2017 - Econsultancy

Customer experience: 40% of companies say each department has its own agenda

4th Apr 2017 - Econsultancy

Westfield: Don’t use technology for the sake of using technology

4th Apr 2017 - Essential Retail

Topman: The biggest barrier to digital transformation is a legacy mindset

4th Apr 2017 - Marketing Week

Retail technology and catalysts of change in an age of disruption

4th Apr 2017 - Retail Week

Why AI needs a magic moment.

1st Apr 2017 - Graham Cooke

Movers & Shakers: IPG Mediabrands, Tambo, Zenith, Blast Radius and Qubit

30th Mar 2017 - MobileMarketing

Qubit: Tracy Maraj and Kevin Zellmer

28th Mar 2017 - Media Post

Surviving the ‘tinderisation’ of online retail

27th Mar 2017 - MyCustomer

Qubit report sets out how man and machine will forge the future of travel

24th Mar 2017 - Travolution

In A Sky Full Of Clouds, Frontier Flies Best-Of-Breed

20th Mar 2017 - Ad Exchanger

Daily Headlines round-up

17th Mar 2017 - Marketing Land

iCXM Comes of Age — Using AI to Know, Engage, and Serve Your Customers Better

16th Mar 2017 - Customer Think

Qubit Targets Ambitious Growth with Two New Senior Hires

15th Mar 2017 - HR Dive

Qubit Hires Tracy Maraj as VP Global People Operations and Kevin Zellmer as VP of Global Partners

15th Mar 2017 - MarTech Advisor

Frontier Airlines partners with Qubit to provide travelers with a Highly Personalized Booking Experience

14th Mar 2017 - TravelDailyNews

Frontier Airlines takes on Qubit’s digital customer experience platform

10th Mar 2017 - Travolution

The Three Layers Of Effective Location-Based Marketing Strategies

10th Mar 2017 - Retail TouchPoints

Best Apps, Sites for UX Inspiration

9th Mar 2017 - Website Magazine

Why AB Testers Have the Best Jobs in Tech

9th Mar 2017 - Forbes

Frontier Airlines Partners with Qubit to Provide Travelers with a More Highly Personalized Booking Experience

8th Mar 2017 - Customer Think

British fashion struggles to see the hidden trends

2nd Mar 2017 - The Drum

With One Key Element, AI + Machine Learning Are Digital Marketing Game Changer in 2017

24th Feb 2017 - Apparel

Everyday Rituals of Top Tech Executives

15th Feb 2017 - Website Magazine

AI marketing spend predicted to hit $2bn by 2020

10th Feb 2017 - Econsultancy

Boon or Bust: Best Practices to Make Valentine’s Day a Sweet Deal for Retailers

8th Feb 2017 - Apparel

Travel industry warning: stop fearing Artificial Intelligence (embrace it instead)

3rd Feb 2017 - Tnooz

Retailers must plan well ahead of peak trading periods to maximise revenue

3rd Feb 2017 - eSeller

Balanced Website Operations

2nd Feb 2017 - Website Magazine

A.I. is Making Retail Smarter Too

31st Jan 2017 - DMN

Great Rail Journeys chooses Qubit for online personalisation

25th Jan 2017 - Travolution

How machine learning is ushering in a new age of customer service

17th Jan 2017 - The Next Web

The impact of machine learning on the customer experience

14th Jan 2017 - Venture Beat

Sky Betting & Gaming partners with Qubit to build out personalization strategy across all brands

13th Jan 2017 - Piski

Sky Betting & Gaming links up with Qubit

13th Jan 2017 - iGamingBusiness

Number Crunching – Operator losses, payment restructures and a crowdfunding success

13th Jan 2017 - Totally Gaming

Entering a new age of customer experience: Data, programmatic, and more

12th Jan 2017 - MarketingTech

Sky Betting & Gaming partners with Qubit to build out personalisation strategy across all brands

11th Jan 2017 - SBC News

Ecommerce Insights: Digital Stats From 2016’s Festivities

11th Jan 2017 - Figaro Digital

Qubit Unveils Machine Learning Engine To Identify Revenue Opportunities

10th Jan 2017 - Retail TouchPoints

Talking Business: Using data to increase cross-border sales conversions

6th Jan 2017 - Drapers

BCBG Max Azria Leverages Analytics

5th Jan 2017 - Chain Store Age

Second week in December generates more conversions for online retailers

23rd Dec 2016 - Econsultancy

Personalisation a crucial battleground in igaming

19th Dec 2016 - Totally Gaming

Opinion: Artificial intelligence – look before you leap

19th Dec 2016 - Retail Week

BetBright brings in Qubit to aid proprietary product development

16th Dec 2016 - Gaming Intelligence

Aeropost Uses Data To Solve Cross-Border Ecommerce Challenges

16th Dec 2016 - Media Post

Fixing the Fractured Funnel

16th Dec 2016 - DMN

BetBright Ups Personalisation & Real-Time Capabilities with Qubit Partnership

13th Dec 2016 - SBC News

Guest post: Technology helps you understand your customers, not just acquire them

12th Dec 2016 - Travolution

Aeropost Channels Web Traffic To Boost Conversion

12th Dec 2016 - Retail TouchPoints

How Aeropost Is Growing Cross-Border Ecommerce With Qubit

7th Dec 2016 - Apparel

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 ecommerce stats bonanza

1st Dec 2016 - Econsultancy

Black Friday trading – as it happens

25th Nov 2016 - Internet Retailing

Online personalization drives gifting brand’s business

23rd Nov 2016 - Chain Store Age

Peak retailing 2016: what UK retailers can learn from Singles Day

18th Nov 2016 - Internet Retailing

Singles’ Day: How brands can cut through the noise next time around

14th Nov 2016 - The Drum

Singles Day set to segue into Black Friday as pre-Christmas discounting gets underway

11th Nov 2016 - Internet Retailing

Unlocking the power of FOMO this Black Friday

11th Nov 2016 - Internet Retailing

Express Gifts to get personal

8th Nov 2016 - Retail Technology

Machine Learning & Opportunity Mining

4th Nov 2016 - Website Magazine

The Not so Scary Lessons From Halloween

3rd Nov 2016 - Digital Marketing Magazine

Qubit leverages machine learning for data driven marketing

2nd Nov 2016 - Mad Marketer

Survey – Getting Personal

2nd Nov 2016 - Internet Retailer

Qubit Adds Machine Learning to Big Data Analytics Service

28th Oct 2016 - ITBusinessEdge

Don’t go into Black Friday blind this year – use your data

28th Oct 2016 - Retail Week

Productized Analytics: Why 100 Singles Are Better Than A Grand Slam

28th Oct 2016 - Forbes

Qubit Machine Learning Identifies Lost Revenue

27th Oct 2016 - Media Post

Qubit Unveils New Machine Learning Tech for Data-Driven Marketers

27th Oct 2016 - EContent

Qubit Adds Machine Learning to its Digital Experience Management Platform

27th Oct 2016 - Destination CRM

Qubit Introduces New Machine Learning Engine to Automatically Uncover Revenue Opportunities for Data-Driven Marketers

26th Oct 2016 - MarTech Advisor

Qubit Adds Machine Learning to its Digital Experience Platform

26th Oct 2016 - CMS Wire

Qubit Unveils New Machine Learning Engine to Automatically Uncover Revenue Opportunities for Data-Driven Marketers

26th Oct 2016 - Econsultancy

Tinder culture has taken over, and now it’s killing retail

15th Oct 2016 - Business Insider

BCBG Boosts Online Conversions 6% With Data-Rich Personalization

12th Oct 2016 - Retail TouchPoints

A new targeting tool helps BCBG fashion a 6% boost in conversions

7th Oct 2016 - Internet Retailer

After The Krux Sale, Do Indie DMPs Still Have A Place?

7th Oct 2016 - Ad Exchanger

Qubit Appoints European GM to Reach New Markets and Build International Business

6th Oct 2016 - Digital Journal

Indochino Tailors Customer Experiences with Qubit

4th Oct 2016 - Destination CRM

Interview with Qubit CEO Graham Cooke on delivering unique customer experiences.

3rd Oct 2016 - Retail Tech Podcast

The Ins and Outs of Accurately Measuring CX

3rd Oct 2016 - 1to1 Media

Two online retail sales strategies that work: VIP loyalty programmes and Social proof

3rd Oct 2016 - Website Magazine

Customer Experience Platform Drives BCBG’s Online Business

28th Sep 2016 - Total Retail

Is Black Friday Worth the Time and Effort? Yes … With Some Caveats

14th Sep 2016 - Total Retail

Dynamic Data

13th Sep 2016 - NRF

The Rise of Programmatic Commerce

2nd Sep 2016 - MarTech Advisor

Spirit plans passenger experience makeover. Can low price and great CX coexist?

19th Aug 2016 - Customer Think

Why You Need Customer Focus (Because Who Wants to Be the Next Blockbuster?)

19th Aug 2016 - CMS Wire

Spirit Aims For New Heights In The Airline Experience

17th Aug 2016 - Ad Exchanger

6 ways to win on Black Friday and all year long

15th Aug 2016 - Internet Retailer

Why stores make sense for Indochino

5th Aug 2016 - Internet Retailer

Omnichannel Marketing: The Perfect Fit for Indochino

14th Jul 2016 - DMN

DX Rx: Updating Your Content Infrastructure to Deliver Better Digital Experiences

4th Jul 2016 - EContent

Platform thinking in the expectation economy

30th Jun 2016 - Recode

Platform-Thinking: A Consumer Response to a Constantly Changing World

29th Jun 2016 - MarTech Advisor

Qubit Adds Features To Digital Experience Management Program

28th Jun 2016 - Retail TouchPoints

Are you learning from your customers who don’t convert?

28th Jun 2016 - BloomReach

How Custom Menswear Startup Indochino Tailors Omnichannel Experience

20th Jun 2016 - Ad Exchanger

INDOCHINO Boosts Revenue And Conversion With Geo-Targeting

8th Jun 2016 - Retail TouchPoints

Busted: 7 Customer Experience Myths

1st Jun 2016 - 1to1Media

Perfecting personalization – 4 retail success stories

23rd May 2016 - Retail Touchpoints

A cycling e‑retailer accelerates website personalization

16th May 2016 - Internet Retailer

“Fun.com Boosts Email Conversions Up To 15% With Personalized Offers

9th May 2016 - Retail Touchpoints

Real-Time Data Layer Updates Audience Segments On The Fly

4th May 2016 - Media Post

Qubit Helps Digital Marketers Shift Gears on the Road to a 1-to-1 Future

29th Apr 2016 - Customer Think

Qubit Rolls Out ‘Adaptive Targeting’ As Commerce And Marketing Merge

28th Apr 2016 - Ad Exchanger

DX Provider Claims Update Improves Data Integration, CX Delivery

28th Apr 2016 - CMS Wire

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