Mobile app personalization

Extend your customer experience to more channels with native mobile app personalization for iOS and Android.

Gather valuable customer data from your native apps

Understand the behavior of your mobile app users
Capture real-time behavioral and operational data from your iOS and Android mobile applications, in extreme granularity.

Cross-device analytics
Join data from your mobile app with your website and other digital touchpoints to create a comprehensive picture of visitor behavior.

Advanced segmentation
Find groups of valuable users and target them in the app with the right personalizations.


Build out your mobile app personalization strategy

Implement mobile app personalization
Qubit has advanced, lightweight SDKs for iOS and Android, enabling teams to deliver in-app personalizations.

Consistent data collection
Collect data from mobile apps in the same way as web, for consistency across devices.

In-app notifications
Deliver personalized push notifications and encouraging users to take action.


Any personalization, anywhere

Social proof and product recommendations in app
Deliver powerful social proof and product recommendation experiences in app.

Segment membership
Check which segments your mobile visitors belong to with the segment membership API, and target your mobile app users with personalizations.