Mobile optimization

Extend your customer experience across native mobile apps

Gather valuable customer data from your native apps

Cross-device analytics
Join data from your mobile app with your desktop site and other digital touchpoints to enhance the centralized customer record.

Flexible event measurement
Track the performance of every in-app event for a clear understanding of user behavior on mobile devices.

Advanced segmentation
Find groups of valuable users and target the right personalizations at the right segments.

Build out your personalization strategy across apps

Harness enriched mobile data
An advanced toolkit at your fingertips, which works across iOS and Android.

Lightweight SDK
The SDK won’t slow down apps or hog data, and it installs in under 5 minutes.

Consistent data collection
Collect data for mobile app in just the same way as web, for consistency across devices, with built in enrichment APIs.

Segment membership API
Check whether a visitor is a member of a segment from within the SDK, to enable alternative segmentation.

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