Omni-channel personalization

Bring together all your customer data to create more impactful omni-channel personalization. With Qubit, you can take all your online, offline, or file-based data and put it to work. What’s more, you can also get the data out again for use in other systems, ongoing monitoring and detailed analysis.

Comprehensive customer data collection

Collect contextual behavioral data
Find out what your customers are really doing on your site, gathering the most granular insight, in real time.

Ask for direct customer feedback
The most powerful insights come directly from your customers. Use survey results to deliver hyper-relevant targeting and personalization.

Ingest data to enrich your understanding
Use data from other online systems, or data held offline, like CRM data or student program membership, to enhance your customer insight and deliver more targeted personalizations.

Qubit collects multiple data points on every visitor.
Personalize across channels, web, mobile, app...

Generate omni-channel personalization context

Securely unlock any service with an API 
Qubit’s integrations allow you to connect Qubit with any customer touch point, from ad servers through to call centers in complete confidence. API tokens are never exposed.

Serve out personalizations on any channel
Use Qubit experiences to serve experiences directly across the web and mobile, and use the Qubit API for mobile app, push notifications, or in-store stock management.

Connect your silos
Qubit sits between your internal systems and your ecommerce store, product catalog, and marketing to ensure you always have a complete and relevant picture of your customers.

Access a technology ecosystem

Bring in new data sources 
Qubit’s integrations enable you to bring data quickly and easily from your ecommerce platforms, alongside insights from other systems like call tracking or heat mapping.

Reach your customers with new personalization tools
Link up with push notification providers, ESPs, internal communications channels, customer services systems, and more to deliver more personalized customer experiences.

Unlock the insights in your omni-channel personalization data
Qubit has preferred support for Looker, but also works with other industry-leading BI systems like Google Data Studios, Tableau, Qlik, and BIME. You can even use Microsoft Excel to access your data through Live Tap.

Qubit connects with a variety of BI tools.

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