Omni-channel personalization

Bring together all your customer data to create more impactful omni-channel personalization. With Qubit, you can take all your online, offline, or file-based data and put it to work, creating compelling personalizations across all your channels.


Omni-channel personalization by design

Personalization for the modern customer journey
Qubit is designed as an open platform that enables brands to create a wide range of personalizations that can be applied to multiple channels and reach the customer at any point.

Serve out personalizations on any channel
Use Qubit experiences to serve experiences directly across the web and mobile, and use the Qubit API for mobile app, push notifications, or in-store stock management.

Securely unlock any service via API
Qubit’s integrations allow you to connect Qubit with any customer touch point, from ad servers through to call centers in complete confidence. API tokens are never exposed.

Personalize across channels, web, mobile, app...
Link systems to use all the relevant data for personalization.

Connect your silos

Link up your systems
Qubit sits between your internal systems of record and your customer-facing systems of influence, securely taking data from wherever you hold it, and putting it to work with compelling personalizations.

Work across teams
Technical teams can create re-usable personalization templates, handing them over to marketers for reliable and fast on-site updates to content, messaging and personalization strategies.

Secure and reliable personalized experiences
Use any data for personalization—live data that can’t be batch updated or sensitive information which can’t be exposed on the open web,—in secure, fast, and reliable server-side experiences.

On-site personalization

Proven personalization techniques
Qubit provides proven personalization techniques that move the needle on your business goals, delivering uplifts in conversion rate, average order value and more.

Scalable out of the box strategies
Qubit offers out-of-the-box personalization solutions which address specific industry use cases and meet real business needs.

Connect up channels
Make your website part of the omni-channel experience, using on-site customer behavior to trigger timely, relevant personalizations across other channels: push notifications, emails and more.

Proven experiences like social proof and recommendations for on-site personalization.
Use Qubit Aura, mobile web and mobile app personalization

Multiple ways to handle mobile

Understand your mobile shoppers
Get granular, real-time behavioral and usage data from the mobile web and your iOS and Android mobile applications, with total granularity.

Mobile web product discovery
Get started with the fasted growing channel, implementing a mobile discovery experience that boosts product visibility and delivers cross-channel impact with Qubit Aura.

Deliver killer personalization on mobile apps
Qubit’s lightweight Android and iOS SDKs enable technology teams to build and control in-app personalizations.

Ladbrokes are using Qubit to deliver one-to-one personalization.

Link up systems to reach any channel

See how Ladbrokes are disrupting their industry with tailored one-to-one personalizations across multiple channels.

Read the case study

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