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The partnership

Qubit is the leader in highly persuasive personalization at scale. Shopify Plus is a centralized commerce platform for the next generation of retail. Together, Qubit and Shopify Plus provide a scalable, reliable, and flexible ecommerce environment that can adapt to each unique customer to deliver the personalized experience they expect.

Qubit is a Shopify Plus Technology Partner. Qubit works with some of Shopify Plus’ largest merchants to improve their websites and enhance their personalization strategies.

The integration

It is easy to integrate Qubit into your Shopify Plus site via our Shopify Liquid template. The Liquid template contains Qubit’s scripts as well as a data layer designed specifically for the standard Shopify Plus environment. Customizations are common and can be completed by your development team or by a Qubit Solution Partner.

Data collection on a site with Qubit and Shopify

Granular data collection

The data layer collects hundreds of data points on each visitor as they browse products, add items to basket, and ultimately transact. This data is pushed automatically to Qubit’s data store where it is used to fuel relevant and persuasive personalization, delivered client-side by Qubit’s technology.

Shopify and Qubit customer using Qubit Aura on their mobile site.

Value to customers

Qubit provides enhanced personalization functionality to your Shopify Plus site so you can stop treating your customers with a one-size-fits-all experience.  


Using Qubit Aura, ColourPop saw a 4.2% uplift in revenue per visitor, and a 50% increase in add-to-bag.


Scalable personalization

Many personalization efforts fail because the technology can’t deliver repeatable results at scale; Qubit’s products are built to combine the most complete customer understanding with the power of machine learning to deliver high-impact personalization with proven results. Ecommerce websites can increase RPV by up to 6% by deploying a smart personalization strategy.

About Shopify Plus

A division of Shopify that focuses on emerging brands and high-volume businesses, Shopify Plus is a centralized commerce platform for the next generation of retail. From mobile ready stores and innovative pop-up experiences, to direct-to-consumer experimentation, the Shopify Plus platform is enabling the creation and innovation of today’s modern, global merchant, while providing world-class scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

About Qubit

Qubit is the leader in highly persuasive personalization at scale. Our technology uses data to transform how companies understand and influence their customers. With Qubit Pro, organizations can deliver highly targeted, personalized experiences to increase revenue, build loyalty, and improve marketing efficiency. With Qubit Aura, businesses can use machine learning to help mobile visitors discover and buy more of the products they love.

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