6% trading boost for peak season.

Use proven personalization tactics, designed for peak trading to boost your performance from Black Friday straight through to January sales.


Personalization for peak season.

For a limited time, we’re offering a fully packaged personalization solution that’s designed to enhance the shopping experience for every visitor, in the moment they’re on your site. During this peak gifting period, make sure you're signposting the best-selling products, providing inspiration on every page, and creating a sense of urgency.

Gift signposting

Gift signposting

Dynamically change the gift badging on your product listing page without the need for IT.


Personalized inspiration

When your visitors are gifting, personalize their product content and inspire them to find more.


Adding urgency

Let visitors know when items are low in stock or at-risk of not being delivered by Christmas.

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Manor AG deploy Qubit Start to build confidence and purchase impetus.

Using the power of Qubit Start Manor AG were able to drive more revenue during their peak season of trading.

  • Social Proof on the PDP: 4.3% uplift in RPV
  • Low stock pointers to create urgency: 9.3% uplift in RPV

Gift signposting.

People need guidance, you have a lot of products on show but what should they buy? Enable your merchandising team to dynamically change the gift badging on your PLP without the need for IT or the cumbersome ecommerce platform.

Perfect for gifting.

Take control of your PLP.

Signpost customers to your best selling, best for him or best for her gifts, make it clear what you think they should buy.

Customize the design and then bulk upload the SKUs you want to show certain badges on and personalize them to certain segments.

Updates your badging lists in just a couple of clicks and have control during the most important time of the year.


Push your gift cards.

Visitors get lost and then fail to turn into customers.

Qubit’s intelligent identification of ‘lost’ customers gives you the opportunity to time your message perfectly.

Flexible with the content you can show, we suggest a gift card.


Personalized inspiration.

When customers are in the festive spirit or you just have some great deals on, they want to buy more. Show them what you have on offer and make it relevant to them and their purchase, you will increase your average order value in no time.

Real-time inspiration.

You may be a bit of a trend setter yourself however the majority of your customers like to be guided on what to buy.

Using this real-time inspiration widget from Qubit will enable your visitors to see what products are trending across the website. If the trends change so will the widget. This will inspire your visitors to start exploring your product catalogue to find their perfect gift.


Trending add ons.

Recommend at the most likely time to purchase and use the checkout to push those final add-on purchases.

Using the behaviour of all other purchasers to influence this potential converter to add a little more to their basket.


Adding urgency.

Give customers the same transparency as a store’s shelf. Notifying of stock levels and delivery times drives urgency and boost conversion rates.

Low stock notification.

When you are looking to buy someone their perfect gift, you want to know how long you have to make the decision. Is the item low in stock or not?

Notifying customers of this makes your online presence as transparent as a store’s shelf. It also helps to drive urgency and boost conversion rates.

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Guaranteed delivery times.

Will it arrive on time? This is a major source of stress for any last minute shoppers.

Ensuring visitors across the globe understand how long they have to order their gift is paramount to a great customer experience.

If your last guaranteed delivery date in France is different to the UK, let your customers know with personalised countdown messages.


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Not ready for a demo yet? Take away the peaks personalization factsheet, and find out how you can use personalization to maximise uplift during the peak season, as well as customer case studies, and pricing.

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