Personalized customer experiences

Use out-of-the-box, proven personalized experiences, or think outside the box with fully custom personalizations.

"Betfair is continually improving the customer experience. With Qubit, we’ve been able to deploy experiences that have been the first of their kind in our industry."

Liam Barbour

Head of Product Management - Sportsbook, Betfair

Social proof


Harness the wisdom of the crowds to drive sales with Qubit social proof.

Build confidence in product choices and create urgency by showing the latest trends and popular items, based on views, availability or recent transactions. Multiply the impact by combining social proof with segmentation to show the right trends to the right visitors, and with other experience types


Abandonment recovery

Abandonment recovery uses exit behavior detection to trigger personalized offers and keep visitors on-site.

Integrations with leading Email Service Providers (ESPs) are there to win them back, if they do abandon, through personalized recovery emails that can be combined with recommendations and social proof.


Product recommendations

Recommendations are a tried and tested part of any personalization strategy. Qubit has multiple recommendations algorithms to serve your business goals, highlighting patterns in product popularity and visitor behavior.

Use customer and product context to tailor their customer journey and help them to discover the different areas of your site for maximum impact.


Custom experiences

With Qubit’s Visual mode you can make simple UX page edits and content changes to your site with a WYSIWYG editor. More technical teams can use Javascript and CSS to create highly customized optimizations and personalizations.

As an alternative to building experiences individually, developers can also build experience templates. Non-technical team members can then quickly update messages, promotions and strategies across your site.


More capabilities

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Data and insights

Whether on desktop or mobile, detect exit intent to entice your customer to stay.



Create targeted audience segments.

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Deliver personalized customer experiences.

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