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Aeropost Tackles Cross-border Ecommerce Using Advanced Personalization, Segmentation and Customer Experience Technology from Qubit

7th Dec 2016


Leading Channel for Amazon Products Sold to Consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean, Aeropost Turns to Qubit for a Proven Data-driven Approach to Drive Global Ecommerce Success

[NEW YORK]—[December 7, 2016] –Aeropost, the leader in Latin American ecommerce services, is looking to build out its digital marketing infrastructure and focus on boosting its “cross-border” ecommerce business. With a combined population of more than 700 million across Latin America and the Caribbean, Aeropost understands the significant growth opportunity cross-border online retail represents. The company recently tapped Qubit, the pioneer in delivering context-driven customer experiences, to support their goals of growing their digital ecommerce business through personalization, segmentation and optimization. This new data-driven approach will enable Aeropost to provide a more relevant customer experience to shoppers, driving increased conversions and revenues.

With more than 30 years of experience in Latin American and Caribbean ecommerce markets, Aeropost simplifies the process of buying, shipping and delivering products from global online retailers to countries in these regions by tackling the complexities of export duty fees, shipping logistics and payment, which varies country-by-country. Aeropost has been one of Amazon’s main sales channels for shoppers in the LATM region, and as an eBay XBorder Program partner will also assist the company as they penetrate new markets.

“There is an enormous market opportunity for retailers in Latin America and the Caribbean but it takes expertise and knowledge on how to make the process of buying, shipping and returning products easier for consumers,” said Nicolas Maslowski, CMO at Aeropost. “We are fully committed to providing our customers with a complete online shopping experience, and with Qubit’s help, will break down the barriers that have stifled growth in cross-border ecommerce.”

Aeropost has already launched several experiences on the Qubit platform, including one that celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary. Using Qubit, they were able to launch a free shipping promotion in stages based on time zones.

The promotion was a resounding success according to Maslowski, ”The beauty of the Qubit platform is the ability to quickly launch new experiences. Our 30th anniversary promotion is a great example of the platform’s versatility. We averaged a week’s worth of sales in just 30 minutes – exceeding all of our expectations.”

Qubit’s technology will allow Aeropost to test, validate and optimize multiple online sales channels, including mobile, in real time. Qubit will also provide Aeropost with the ability to assess third-party applications to measure incremental impact and effectiveness to provide further return on investment (ROI) on their digital marketing spend.

“We have little doubt that Aeropost has the potential to open up new markets for retailers around the world, while changing the way shoppers in Latin America and the Caribbean buy products online,” Graham Cooke, founder and CEO of Qubit. “The Qubit team is very excited to work with Aeropost as we help them reach and exceed their goals of being the ‘go to’ online retailer for the LATM region.”



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