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ASICS Digital Hits the Ground Running with Qubit Aura for Mobile Web

15th Nov 2017


Scaling 1:1 personalization with mobile web solution for product discovery

[NEW YORK - 15 November 2017]

Qubit, the leaders in marketing personalization technology, today announced that ASICS Digital, an ASICS division responsible for the continued development of Runkeeper and other consumer-centric digital platforms, has partnered with Qubit to enhance its mobile web presence.

Qubit Aura leverages the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) to create an app-like shopping experience for small screens. The experience is powered by Qubit’s award-winning personalization platform and brings together programmatic experiences, like social proof and product recommendations, with the latest artificial intelligence technology to create a unique experience for every single ASICS visitor. This also ensures that visitors are immediately shown the ASICS products that are most relevant to them and their needs.

“At ASICS Digital we are leveraging the latest in digital innovation to transform the way we connect with our consumers worldwide,” says Dan Smith, GM of ASICS Digital. “Personalization is at the core of this transformation. Every consumer touchpoint is an opportunity for us to deliver a tailored experience and in turn, deepen our customer relationship. Qubit Aura’s AI-based product discovery platform allows us to rapidly deliver personalized mobile experiences that do exactly that."

When a consumer visits the ASICS mobile website, the site will leverage the Qubit Aura platform to surface an icon that, when tapped, takes users to an integrated discovery environment much like an experience on social networks. These interactions are then collected, analyzed, and used in real-time to create an adaptive product discovery journey which is fully personalized to each ASICS customer.

ASICS has a catalog of thousands of products; with short consumer attention spans and the rise of mobile shopping, it is critical to surface relevant products to aid with the discovery process. Using Qubit Aura, ASICS is working to build a unique experience specifically for mobile.

“ASICS is one of the first brands to utilize Qubit Aura and it’s a clear indication of the way the company is thinking customer-first,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. “Qubit Aura has been built with companies like ASICS in mind, whose mission of 1-1 personalization can instantly be achieved with Qubit Aura. With a large product catalog it’s imperative that ASICS can show relevant ranges to customers with only a couple of data points. Qubit Aura will provide ASICS an understanding of their customer they have never had before, and we’re delighted to be with them on this personalization journey.”


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