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CarShop Chooses Qubit to Connect Customer Data and Drive Conversions

6th Aug 2015


Qubit, the pioneer in delivering data-first customer experiences, today announced that CarShop has selected Qubit to deliver more impactful tests in order to identify the broader needs of specific online customers. This partnership will allow CarShop to increase revenue by targeting visitors based on their individual profiles to optimise the sale of value added ancillary services.

Leo Nelson, marketing director at CarShop said: “Our strategic objective is to increase test drive conversions with a new innovative and dynamic multichannel marketing mix. Qubit can help us achieve this. It starts with a greater understanding of what our customers’ needs and interests are. This could be what sort of car they are interested in to what they might want in terms of extra value when visiting one of our showrooms. Our partnership with Qubit enables us to look at how we optimize across every customer touchpoint to ensure we continue to deliver a unique CarShop experience.”

Graham Cooke, founder and CEO of Qubit said: “CarShop understands that buying a car is an extremely high consideration purchase and that within the buying process there are countless opportunities to deliver superlative and differentiating customer experience. As with so much of what we do, this is all about making sure you have the best understanding of your customers. At Qubit we know how to scale a company’s technology stack in a quick, easy, cost-effective way that drives maximum return. We look forward to helping CarShop deploy its customer data in actionable ways that will give the business even more advantage over its competitors.”


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