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Express Gifts building multi-channel personalization strategies with Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura

4th May 2018


UK retailer realizing millions of pounds in growth with a focus on data-driven customer experiences online

[LONDON - 4 MAY 2018]

Express Gifts, one of the largest online value retailers in the UK, are continuing to build upon their online customer experience initiatives having renewed their partnership with Qubit, the leaders in marketing personalization technology. The Qubit Pro platform has been the engine room for personalized customer experiences on both the Studio and Ace websites, brands that serve 1.7 million online customers every year. As the growth of their online offering continues, the ecommerce operation of the business will build more complex personalizations to always surprise and delight their customers. On mobile web, both brands are realizing that product discovery is key to unlocking the channel in terms of engagement and conversions.

“Qubit gives us the ability to create experiences online that prove personalization works,” said Craig Elwell, head of ecommerce of Express Gifts. “We continue to transform as a business, and digital is the place where we are seeing significant growth. It’s where our customer is spending more of their time, and it’s where we need to be creating customer journeys that really resonate. With the combination of both Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura we’re channel agnostic, and can build personalizations which convert new visitors and keep existing customers loyal. It’s an integral part of the Express Gifts business.”

Through the use of Qubit Pro, Express Gifts have been able to drive millions of pounds in revenue by implementing industry best-practice, as well as building advanced personalizations unique to them. By focusing on the customer experience, the Studio and Ace brands have also launched personalized experiences that solve a strategic needs for the business.

With a catalog of 40,000 products, Express Gifts need to show the right products to their customers by using visitor behavior to tailor what products they see and might be interested in. This challenge is exacerbated on mobile web, where attention spans are shorter and the customer experience is driven by hamburger menus and search. As a result they implemented Qubit Aura, the mobile web product discovery solution powered by artificial intelligence, which ensures a personalized experience for every visitor that engages with solution. Qubit Aura’s open rates are approaching 20 percent of all mobile web visitors, and the experience is resulting in double the conversion when compared to conventional methods.

“Express Gifts is a forward thinking ecommerce business truly seeing the upside of an integrated personalization strategy,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. “I’m delighted that they are continuing to leverage the power of both Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura to realize their customer experience ambitions. The ecommerce team consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible and I’m really looking forward to seeing the inevitable growth of both Studio and Ace.




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