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Integrated Platform Key to Unlocking ‘Next Generation’ Digital Customer Experience say Retailers as Qubit unveils New ‘Experience Management Platform’ Solutions

7th Oct 2015


Qubit says ecommerce brands now require a highly integrated platform that provides data from every customer touchpoint to keep up with customer in the ‘Expectation Economy’

PHILADELPHIA (SHOP.ORG DIGITAL SUMMIT) and NEW YORK—October 6, 2015—Ecommerce brands are insisting that the personalized customer experience required to engage and inspire customers today can only be created with an integrated data platform.

Top marketers at Dr Jays and Indochino in the US and VictoriaPlum.com in the UK say single point solutions cannot match the power of an integrated platform to drive 21st century experiences for demanding shoppers.

These declarations come as Qubit announces at the 2015 Shop.org Digital Summit, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 5-7, 2015, that it has added three new solutions to its uniquely integrated Experience Management Platform. The new solutions will enable clients to further scale and optimize their online shopping experience. Qubit, the pioneer in delivering data-first customer experiences, provides a digital experience management platform that integrates analytics, segmentation, AB and multivariate testing, and web personalization functionalities with its Visitor Cloud, the world’s first real-time data supply chain.

The new experience management solutions include:

1- Social Proof – Creates a sense of urgency through messaging via real-time notifications based on the activities of other site visitors.

2 - Visitor pulse – Automatically analyzes customer feedback and exposes topic trends and the associated sentiment. The data can be used to assess how likely visitors are to recommend products and then be leveraged to tailor the site experience moving forward.

3 - Product Recommendations – Applies ‘other people have looked at this’ logic to recommendations and encourages visitors to explore more of the product portfolio.

Recommendations can then be based on the knowledge of the visitor’s last viewed products.

This announcement comes only weeks after the company launched Qubit Mobile and with it, the ability to test and personalize within mobile apps. These new experience management solutions, along with Qubit Mobile, add to a comprehensive solution set that already includes Landing Page Optimization and Merchandizing.

With this new functionality, the Qubit platform now provides deeper insight into consumer behavior allowing customers to create a compelling and engaging customer experience.

Businesses say they benefit from the insight provided by a platform in a way they cannot with a collection of unrelated optimization technologies:

Pilar Catalá - Director of Ecommerce and Product Development at Indochino, says:
“Our customers have unique needs and preferences and it is essential that we fully understand them in order to provide them with the best possible visit to our website. Attaining a level of customer insight that will give us a competitive advantage where we know it will count - in customer experience - requires a truly integrated platform rather than a collection of disjointed technologies.”

Debbie Lambert - Head of Marketing at Dr Jays, says:
"Qubit has been a great partner in helping us make data-driven decisions to improve the customer experience in our ecommerce channel. We really care about our customer, and providing a seamless, personalized experience is important to us. In order to curate content intelligently and truly understand the impact, an integrated platform is imperative."

Chris Amor - Head of Insight at VictoriaPlum.com, says:
“In ensuring that Victoria Plum truly understands its customers, we require one consistent, centralised data source, even if this means plugging 3rd party technology into it. The closed loop nature of the Qubit platform is crucial to us as it enables us to identify particular behaviours, and then target these segments with super relevant experiences on-site through its applications. We believe this would be much harder to do using a group of solutions provided by different vendors."

The ability to tailor the buying experience to individual online visitors is increasingly a vital provision for ecommerce businesses. Growing numbers of clients are coming to recognize that single point solutions are no longer fit to deliver the level of customer experience required in the new customer-led ‘Expectation Economy’.

“Delivering a personalized buying experience requires a very sophisticated data architecture focused around a golden record of the visitor. That can be costly, labor-intensive and can be rendered ineffective if you’re using a number of single point solutions that weren’t designed
to work together,” said Graham Cooke, founder and CEO of Qubit. “At Qubit we streamline and simplify the entire experience with our platform so businesses of all sizes can focus on making their big ideas a reality. We are excited to work with clients such as Indochino, Dr Jays and Victoria Plum to optimize their digital channels and help them create memorable online experiences for their customers.”

Please visit Qubit, and see a product demo, at the 2015 Shop.org Digital Summit in booth #1045.



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