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Qubit Announces Exclusive Beta of AI-powered Solution to Change the Mobile Commerce Game

11th Jul 2017


New innovation tackles the challenges of product discovery on mobile

[SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 11, 2017] 

Qubit, the leader in marketing personalization technology, today announced that the company is developing a new AI-powered solution for mobile commerce that will change how consumers discover the product catalog from retailerson mobile devices.Currently in development, and the focus of an exclusive beta program, the new technology is designed to create an app-like experience that revolutionizes how visitors discover and browse on mobile websites. Qubit is demonstrating the product at MobileBeat 2017 in San Francisco. Felipe Araujo, Director of Ecommerce at fashion brand, Diane von Furstenberg, and Qubit CEO Graham Cooke, will be on stage to talk about the challenges and opportunities of product discovery in mobile commerce.

“People are spending more time than ever before discovering products on social networks, but they’re mostly browsing, and not buying,” said Qubit CEO Graham Cooke. “Conversely, people go to a mobile store to find a specific product, but they only discover a fraction of the catalog due to the limitations of the screen, site navigation, and search. Using Qubit’s AI and personalization platform we’re going to transform the way product discovery is happening on mobile stores.”

Most mobile commerce sites currently solve product discovery through search, emulating the success of ecommerce giant Amazon. This tactic works for visitors who have an idea of what they’re looking for, but limits the scope of products that can be seen. Social media networks have long been the leaders in content and media discovery and are now extending that influence to products. However, ecommerce sites are reluctant to cede control over the brand experience to social media networks.

“It’s clear that the dynamics on mobile web are unique,” said Simon Jaffery, product director at Qubit. “People are enticed by the immersive product discovery that they see on Instagram and Pinterest. We believe that retail brands who can offer this type of inspiration, and enhance it with AI on their mobile web stores will ultimately be more competitive. Our alpha testing for our new product was a great success, and opening the exclusive beta is the next step. Our goal is to expand the horizon of mobile web commerce so consumers are inspired to discover more products directly from retail brands, and ecommerce teams see stronger results on mobile.”

Building upon Qubit’s award-winning personalization platform, the new mobile innovation in development has been designed with a mobile-first approach and AI-driven UX. It includes predicted category preferences, discovery-led feeds, context messaging on each product, andthe capability to surface relevant products and categories that adapt as the customer engages further. Effective tactics such as social proof messaging and urgency are deployed alongside each product to increase confidence and provide the customer with additional context.

“We have over 30,000 products on our site, therefore discoverability is a challenge we're constantly working to improve,” said Alex Crawley, CTO at Wolf & Badger. “With this mobile personalization solution, Qubit directly addresses the problem, by giving users a personalized selection of products and categories from across our entire product catalogue, tailored exactly to the user. We’re already seeing thatincreases in engagement can impact revenue.”

Graham Cooke will be on stage at MobileBeat today at 10:25am PT to discuss challenges and opportunities with product discovery in mobile commerce.

Qubit’s AI-powered solution for mobile commerce will be widely available in the fall of 2017. Visit Qubit at MobileBeat to learn more about the Qubit platform and the exclusive beta program.




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