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Qubit’s New Head of Data Science Speaking at AI Congress London

11th Sep 2018


Matthew Tamsett, Ph.D., has been appointed to lead Qubit's Data Science team and will speak on powering predictive commerce at scale at AI Congress London on September 12


Qubit​, a leader in marketing personalization technology, today announced the company has appointed Matthew Tamsett as the company's new head of data science. Previously, Tamsett was Data Scientist with Qubit, a role he held for more than two years.

On September 12, 2018, Tamsett will speak at ​AI Congress London jointly with Qubit's Technical Production Manager, Alex Olivier, at a session titled, “Powering Predictive Commerce at Scale.” The presentation will also include a discussion on content ranking and evidence selection concepts.

In his new role as Lead Data Scientist at Qubit, Tamsett will be responsible for leading the data science team in using statistical and machine learning techniques to solve complex business problems for some of the largest e-commerce brands in the world. This includes directing and conducting cutting-edge research into consumer behavior on the web and developing intelligent products around this data.

"I'm thrilled to spearhead Qubit's R&D initiatives around human behavior along with leading the exploration of how the latest machine learning methods can be applied to real-life problems at Google-scale," said Tamsett. "Qubit's data collection tools store more than one billion data points every day, so it's a rigorous and exciting undertaking to analyze and interpret this ever growing dataset."

Tamsett brings a high caliber of expertise in academia and research. Prior to his work on Qubit’s data science team, Tamsett was the Marie Curie Post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Sussex, working on neutrino oscillation measurements using the NOvA experiment. He also conducted post-doctoral research as fellow at Louisiana Tech and Brookhaven National Laboratory. He worked on Quantum Chromo-Dynamics measurements using the LHC at CERN. He has published several papers including the Higgs Boson discovery and earned his doctorate in experimental particle physics at Royal Holloway, University of London.

"Identifying authentic trends in shopper behavior quickly and with statistical significance is integral in addressing consumer and market needs," said Graham Cooke, CEO and founder of Qubit. "We are lucky to have Dr. Matthew Tamsett on board to focus on key initiatives, such as the measurement and understanding of the Qubit Pro platform, development of new programmatic experiences, and overall enhancement of ​Qubit Aura,​ the first AI-powered product discovery solution for the mobile web. We look forward to his voice on the Qubit leadership team."

For more information on Qubit's presentation at AI Congress London, held on September 11-12, 2018, at the Olympia Conference Centre, please visit https://theaicongress.com/conference​.



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