Draw attention to the right products.

1:1 Product badging

Using 1:1 product badging, social proofing or manual merchandising to help the customer on their journey and boost conversion rates.

Apply badging listing, product and cart pages alongside various other channels and executions.


Drive up to 5% in revenue.


Social proofing

Use social proofing techniques to inspire confidence in shoppers and increase conversion rates.


1:1 badges

Use the power of CommerceAI to badge the next best products on listing pages for each shopper.


Manual badging

Let your merchandising team take control, uploading lists of products to badge.

Powerful social proofing.

Amazing results.

As a result of using truly realtime data businesses see incredible uplifts from social proofing techniques.

Easy to use.

Non technical teams can implement social proof badging in a matter of minutes without technical help.


Personalized product badging.

1:1 badges.

Powered by Qubit CommerceAI technology, an individuals next best products are badged on listing pages.

Guidance-based badging.

Badge particular products based on the customers response to your questions, guiding them to the perfect products.


You're in control.

Powerful decisioning.

Our badging decisioning drag and drop UI makes it very simple for business users to create complex decisioning logic.

Manual badges.

Upload lists of products that you want to badge in bulk i.e. 3 for 2 or 'Editors Pick'.


Results you can trust.

Understand campaign performance.

Insight reporting that reflects what you've accomplished and how your efforts have paid off, so you can easily share with your whole team.

Keep the results rolling in.

Like what you see? Increase badging visibility to target more visitors and unlock more opportunities.


Kurt Geiger case study

Learn how Kurt Geiger drove 11x ROI from product badging experiences alone.


"With Qubit, we’re able to provide more relevant on-site journeys to our customers through easily deployable, yet highly impactful personalization strategies and tactics."

Gareth Rees-John, Chief Digital Officer, Kurt Geiger

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