Insights you can action.

Product insights

Automated product insights delivered weekly, spanning your entire product catalog to help ecommerce teams focus on the most valuable actions to take now.


Insight to action, effortlessly.

Unlock hidden revenue opportunities with insights-led merchandising.


Your data

Mining insights at a scale not humanly possible by leveraging Qubit and/or Google Analytics data.


Automated insights

Use the power of CommerceAI to analyze the performance of every product and uncover opportunities every week.


Insight-focused actions

Move from insight to action in two clicks with pre-built campaigns that move metrics that matter.

Stay focused, don't miss a thing.

Built for busy e-commerce teams.

We've heard most ecommerce teams only have time to look after about 20% of your product catalog. Not anymore.

Unlock hidden revenue opportunities.

Qubit CommerceAI analyzes the performance of every product to uncover the top insights and revenue opportunities, you may not know about.


Insights activated at a scale not humanly possible.

Automated insights, at your fingertips.

Aligned to the way you work, every week the biggest opportunities are hand-picked for you.

Understand the opportunity.

The details and context to understand the full picture, with the revenue opportunity calculated for you.


Take control with simple, specific actions.

Take action in two clicks.

Taking action is easier than ever with pre-built campaigns. Simply preview and publish in two clicks.

Increase visibility, drive the purchase.

Featured 'Our Choice' content slots, eye-catching badging or prominent banners.


Results you can trust.

Understand campaign performance.

Insight reporting that reflects what you've accomplished and how your efforts have paid off, so you can easily share with your whole team.

Keep the results rolling in.

Like what you see? Increase campaign visibility to target more visitors or unlock a different opportunity, next week based on what you learned.


Unlock hidden revenue opportunities.

Hear how automated product insights and simple actions empower ecommerce teams to unlock the full potential of their product catalog.

50 minutes

Transform the way you work.

See your catalog differently.

Spot outliers, hidden gems, trends, whether you have hundreds or thousands of products in your catalog.

Close the feedback loop.

Digestible reporting for clear campaign results, and continuous learning to inform your next set of actions.

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