Product recommendations

Take control of what your customers see with our personalized product recommendations. Deliver results with recommendations based on visitor understanding, human behavior, and the power of machine learning.


Harnessing human behavior

Cut through the noise
Making decisions when there’s lots of choice is hard. Content ranking through product recommendations helps visitors discover more relevant products from your catalog.

Personalized product recommendations
Customers increasingly expect to see recommendations—and value them as an integrated part of the customer journey.

Show the most relevant products at the right moment
Open up your product catalog, and help customers reach the products which matter most to them, faster.

Different product recommendations strategies on the home, category and basket pages.
Contextual, ML powered product recommendations.

Machine learning scale

Business-goal based strategies
Use powerful strategies like conversion, engagement and upsell, designed to meet specific business goals, along with broader strategies like popular and trending.

Highly trained algorithms
Qubit’s algorithms are trained on millions of data points, and continuously optimized for peak performance.

Contextual recommendations
Recommendations are based on visitor context, making sure every product is relevant. Where there’s no context available, recommendations will roll-back to a popular strategy, so there’s always something to show.

Built around your merchandising needs

Combine curation and automation
Use the power and scale of machine learning in recommendations, while curating the outputs with flexible marketer controls.

Present the right products
Promote, pin, or blacklist products based on any attribute to show items according to your business goals, including margin and stock level.

Automate product promotions
Use templates and data uploads to align recommendations with campaign strategies ahead of time with templates and data uploads.

Dropdown showing recommendation algorithms in the Qubit platform
Recommendations for every point in the customer journey

Make recommendations throughout the customer journey

High-impact homepage personalizations 
Make a splash with recommendations based on recent browsing history, trending or popularity to grab attention right from the start.

In-context interest on product pages
Deploy our recommendations for inspiration and engagement on product pages. Engagement and re-engagement algorithms ensure that you get the best visibility and cross-sell opportunities.

Add last chance upsells to the cart
Take advantage of impulse purchases or encourage visitors over shipping thresholds by delivering related recommendations in the cart.

Extend your reach with recommendations

Customize recommendations
Use custom rules to fine-tune recommendations based on your business logic, or use Qubit to deliver your own algorithms.

Combined experiences
Combine recommendations with other experiences, like abandonment recovery or social proof, to deliver increased value.

Reach beyond the web
Take recommendations into email and beyond with the Qubit API, delivering them in any channel.

Take recommendations into email, and other channels beyond the web.

Context-aware personalization

Our report investigates how content ranking and evidence selection, can enable brands at every level of personalization maturity to create contextually relevant experiences.

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