Sell smarter every step of the way.

Start today. Grow your capabilities. Become a Pro. Whatever your goals, choose a smarter approach to ecommerce.

Designed for merchandisers.

Get up and running fast, grow online revenue and merchandise more efficiently like:

Get started with access to: 

  • Personalized content
  • Product recommendations
  • Product badging
  • Decision engine
  • Audiences
  • A/B testing
  • Web placements
  • Smart reporting
  • Customer data management
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For merchandising teams who need to do more.

Match trading demands with customer affinities and take commerce to the next level. Be 1:1 like:

Everything in Start, plus: 

  • Affinity driven product badging
  • 1:1 product recommendations
  • Target based on:
    • Category affinity
    • Brand affinity
    • Gender affinity
    • Sale vs non-sale affinity
    • Average order value prediction
    • Conversion propensity
  • Import your own recommendations
  • Customer data platform integrations
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For product teams.

Transform your ability to deliver unique customer experiences at scale like:

Package options include: 

  • Optimization for technical teams
  • Customer and behavioral data query
  • Developer toolkit
  • Data science workbench
  • Custom affinity models
  • Personalization APIs (direct access)
  • Secure lookup APIs
  • Marketing cloud integrations
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Save time, sell more.

Take the first step with Qubit Start. Get up and running fast, grow online revenue, and merchandise more efficiently. No code. No nonsense.

Implement your trading decisions in minutes.

React fast to business demands and implement your tactics
in a few clicks. You’re in control.

Prioritize products and content based on business need.

Curate what your customer sees, from products to content, even
if they fall into more than one audience.

Combine existing data and new insights.

Unlock your data and combine it with ours to target the most
relevant experiences and campaigns to your customers.

Real-time reporting that drives next actions. 

Insights that reflect your work so far and guide
you on what to do next.


Expand your horizons.

Grow your capabilities and capacity to engage customers with additional personalization solutions tailored specifically to your customers' journey, behaviors, tastes, and preferences.

Match your trading demands with customer affinities.

Derive insights from browsing behavior and push products
to people who have specific affinities.


Actionable customer revenue predictions.

Upsell high spenders and curate promotions based on a customer's likelihood to buy.


Level up your product recommendations.

Flick a switch and level up your product recommendations
by feeding affinities into our algorithms.


Put dormant customer data to work.

Integrate seamlessly with any customer data from
around the business.

Push the boundaries.

Work at unlimited scale with deep integrations, granular data and advanced developer tools. Create omnichannel experiences customized to address your specific business needs and strategic goals.

Headless personalization at massive scale.

Data, decisioning and content all in one personalization API and render the experience anywhere.


Enrich and mobilize your customer data.

Query any data point and build your own models, ready for web scale.


Feed your live data into any real-time experience.

Server-to-server authenticated requests pull your live
data into any real-time experience.


Built by developers. For developers.

Our native integration with node package manager and our
command line interface let you code the way you're used to.


Powerful infrastructure

Qubit Pro is built on Google Cloud Platform and designed for enterprise and high-growth businesses. 

Access BigQuery via our BI integration LiveTap; transfer batch data via Google Cloud Storage; or  stream in real-time behavioral data via Cloud Pub/Sub. 


Our open ecosystem means you can link up any data source and deliver personalization on any channel. 


Do I have to start with Qubit Start?
Not at all. If you prefer, you can go straight to Qubit Grow or Qubit Pro. The product you need will depend on what you want to achieve. Do you want to prove value fast with a few experiences? Or are you thinking about server-side experience delivery and activating insights from your single customer view?
How is Qubit built?
Qubit is built on Google Cloud Platform and designed for enterprise and high-growth businesses. GCP lets us operate at the speed and scale modern ecommerce sites require. Sub-second data processing means personalizations will always be relevant to a visitor’s current context and segments are always up-to-date.
How long does Qubit take to implement?
Implementation depends on many factors, including the product you’ve chosen and the state of your data layer. If everything is in place and data validation goes smoothly, this can be as brief as a week. Typically, brands go live in under a month.

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